Jacquelyn B. Lane

Secretary for Mathematics

                                    Computer Science and

                                  Physics Departments

Located Mills Hall,  Room 102

Marietta College,  Marietta,  Ohio

 I am the secretary for the three academic departments located in Mills Hall on the Marietta College campus in Marietta,  Ohio.

Marietta is located in the southeastern part of the state along the Ohio River.  It was the first settlement in the Northwest Territory.  Marietta is very proud of its history and shows it off with its Campus Martius and Riverboat Museums.

Marietta has a New England look about its community.

The three best things I like about working in Mills Hall:

The three worst things about working in Mills Hall:
  1. I cannot
  2. think of
  3. any
I like the scifi channel.  Pleae e-mail me if you have any questions.