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EDUC 630 WebQuests

Dr. Laura Little
Dr. Dave Mader

Computer Lab


This is a website to demonstrate student projects which use some of the basic features of Dreamweaver to create and update websites. Not all of these projects are true 'WebQuest' sites.



Summer 2006 Projects

Site Title
Brian Haines Marietta College Football
Melissa Buchanan Ohio's Prehistoric Indians
Valerie McPeek Pioneer Life
Debra Goins See, Hear, Do: What is Your Learning Style?
Paige Fleming May the Algebra Be With You
Stephanie Chadwell Animal Adventures: Say the Animal Name
Mike Deegan MC Baseball
Michelle Whitacre Hurricanes and Global Warming
Jenny Wiese Bartlett/Cutler After-School Programs
Beth Hanes Famous African Americans
Emily Schuck A Toolkit for your Future
Lynn Laing Delete the Couch Potato in You
Brandi Miller Pride and Prejudice
Andrea Sutton Sea Turtle Preservation
Debbie Stodberg Planning a Trip to Sweden
Andrea Moore Career Exploration
Emily Crandall The Underground Railroad
Emily Addis Swimming with the Sharks


Summer 2005 Student Projects

Site Title
Debby Lynch Newspaper Reporter Writing on the Dust Bowl
Nann Welch Marietta History - 3rd Grade
Betsy Hada MC Softball Recruiting Website
Chris Basich MC Track and Field Recruiting
Alexis Seebaugh Pourquoi Tales
Ty Palmer Learning Packets
Sandra K. Lewis Reverse Shoulder Rotator Cuff Prosthesis
Amber Noel Hanes Auntie Ant's Number Picnic
Anita Parr Photosynthesis vs Cellular Respiration
Betsy Quimby Medicare Part D
Scott Porter Predicting Weather
Tisha Skinner Pottery
Andrea Hoover Alcohol Abuse in College Students