Hi there! My name is Sara Gable and I am currently a junior Theatre major here at Marietta College. I had a long and difficult college search, but when I stumbled upon Marietta, I quickly fell in love with the theatre department and its philosophy.

The philosophy of the theatre department here is that when you leave, you will be a well rounded thespian, which is exactly what I want. I am not particularly interested in being strictly on stage or behind the scenes—I want it all. Well, here at Marietta College, you can get it all. When you come to Marietta for theatre, or any major, you will not only be educated in your field of interest, but in other fields that will benefit you as well. But, if you do happen to come here for theatre (woot!), you have the opportunity and the encouragement to study all aspects of theatre such as acting, stage management, directing, costuming, lighting, set design, props, whatever! By being here and getting a well rounded education, you will be more marketable than someone who is just trained in one area. Doing just one thing has never made me happy, so being in a place that encourages multiple interests is perfect for me.

All of the professors here at MC are just as wonderful. They are knowledgeable, passionate people who love what they do, and are always willing to help and will always make time for students. Being around a staff who still love to do theatre makes me love theatre even more. Yes, we are a small department, but we are also a tight-knit family.

Not only is the theatre department amazing, but the campus is superb as well. I like that it’s a small campus because it’s a place where when you walk up the mall or into the dining hall, you’ll see someone you know who will smile and wave or say hi. People here are friendly and probably wouldn't mind stopping for a chat. Marietta College has become my second home, and the Hermann Fine Arts Center has become my third. ;)

I truly hope that you will find what you are looking for, and hopefully it will be Marietta College! I can’t wait to meet you!

I would love for you to email me with any questions at seg003@marietta.edu.