Thomas Daniels
It's a common question for me, especially considering my home state, Virginia. "What brought you to Marietta?" The answer is quite bluntly, money. I applied because of the non-auditioned BFA program and I attended because of a generous scholarship package. And until the completion of my first semester here, transferring was a real possibility. But after two whirl-wind years at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum, I am loving it and here to stay.

In the two years that I have spent in the building we call Hermann (a building that any incoming freshman can look forward to getting to know and love well). I have performed in three main-stage productions, one of them a musical, and two studio productions. I have performed and directed in our annual 24-hour Play Festival. I have directed a one-act, stage managed three others, worked the sound board for a main-stage musical, and staged countless scenes for the various acting classes I have taken. Oh, and sometimes I had class. Needless to say I have immersed myself almost as completely as I possibly could into the theatre scene here at Marietta.

The beautiful thing about Marietta College's Theatre Department is that you can be just as involved as you want to. The students who perform here both on stage and backstage range from first-time collaborators to professionals in every sense of the word. If theatre is your passion and your life, you have a place here. If it is just a hobby, you have a place here. It's a great place to make theatre, friends, and life decisions. But if I actually believed I could tell you all you need to know about Marietta College or its Theatre Program in three short paragraphs I probably wouldn't be in college. So don't take my limited word for it. Come visit us, come see a show, or just shoot me an e-mail ( It'll be worth it.