Honors and Investigative Studies Committee:

K. Suzanne G. Parsons (Director of Investigative Studies Program, Chair)
David Brown (Director of the Honors Program)
Andrew Beck
Andy Felt
Linda Lockhart
Katy Scullin
Bo Winegard

2020 Undergraduate Research

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Applied Physics

Observations of Cepheid Variable Stars
Wang, Y.

How Differing Flange Widths Affect the Voltage Output of a Diffuser-Augmented Wind Turbine
Wiggins, D.

Athletic Training/Sports Medicine

Treating pain and range of motion deficits associated with delayed onset muscle soreness
Dzuroff, K.

Dzuroff, K.
Add. Authors: Kubala, J.; Palm, B.; Tschudy, A.; Wears, C.

Quantity of sleep and its effect on vertical jump height and biomechanics
Enochs, A.

Birth control and the collegiate female athlete: a prospective study
Kubala, J.

Using Refractometry to Investigate the Relationship Between Hydration and Rate of Perceived Exertion
Miller, E.

Functional performance tests as lower extremity injury predictors in DIII collegiate athletes.
Palm, B.

BA Musical Theatre/Psychology

Bartlett, S.
​Add. Authors: Robinson, B.; Hughes, T.

Biochemistry & CHEMISTRY

Optical Tweezers: A Tool for Adjusting Rates of Chemical Reactions
Branson, J.

Hydrogen Atom and Electron Transfer Quenching
Crawford, J.
Add. Authors: Milheim, S.; Egolf, D.

Significance of different concentration of Branched Chain Amino Acids on the Blood Brain Barrier
Godsey, M.

Effect of Dinitroparaben on Apoptotic PARP Cleavage in Human Melanoma Cells
McNeer, S.
Add. Authors: Rasnake, C.; Traussi, S.; Dr. Parsons, S.

Determination of the Effect of Cyclohexylmethylparaben on the Caspase-3 Cellular Death Pathway of M624 Melanoma Cells
Menapace, R.
Add. Authors: Dr. Pate, K.; Rasnake, J.; Dr. Parsons, S.

Synthesis of Novel Paraben Derivatives
Rasnake, C.
Add. Authors: Traussi, S.

Investigation of Hepatotoxicity Induced by Acetaminophen in Humans
Sturgill, S.

Apoptotic Activation of PARP by Citral in M624 Cell
Thomas, J.
Add. Authors: McNeer, S.; Dr. Parsons, S.

Synthesis of Novel Paraben Derivatives
Traussi, S
Add. Authors: Rasnake, J.; Dr. Pate, K.

Investigation of PyBTM doped αH-PyBTM crystals with NMR, Raman, ESR, and X-ray.
Wang, Y.


Study Abroad Experience in Costa Rica
Coontz, L.

Utilizing Sugar as a Neurotransmitter Stimulant and its Withdrawal Effects in Mus musculus
Hill, E.

Manganese effect on Drosophila melanogaster larval learning
Stuart, J.

Biology and Psychology

The use of Hamamelis virginiana, Camellia sinensis, and Rosa hybrida in the treatment of causes and symptoms of skin disorders
Kirk, M.

Business Management

American Advertising Federation Conference
Watson, S.
Add. Authors: Garofalo, H.


Disclosing of Private Information of Survivors of Domestic Violence: Applying Communication Privacy Management Theory
Carver, K.

Fifth Street Consulting 2019-2020 Projects
Hartle, J.
Add. Authors: Mulvain, J.; Rutecki, A.; Tomlin, K.; Watson, S.; Puchta, A.; Shriver, R.; Gaylord, J.; Nedved, L.; Gortner, L.

A Hero For Daisy
Majka, G.

Understanding Belbin Team Roles
Reed, E.
Add. Authors: Carver, K.; Majka, G.; McCaughey, N.; Mulvain, J.; Ruffin, J.; Tomlin, K.

Beauty, the Beast, and Brutality
Rubadue, S.

Campus Safety Public Service Announcements
Rutecki, A.

Study Abroad Tips and Tricks
Tomlin, K.

Education and Educational Studies

How do Behavioral Health Programs Support Self-Regulation?
Berry, E.

Behavioral Health Services Relationship to Academic Success
Dorr, M.

School Lunch
Hakki, L.

Life and Purpose: Addressing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Hall, M.

Teaching Trauma Impacted Students Through Physical Play
Herd-Middlebrooks, J.

Behavioral Health and Family Engagement
Hill, H.

ELL Supports in Schools
Kail, B.

Behavioral Regulations
Klinger, E.

Importance of Music in Education
Lafferty, K.

Addressing Economic Literacy and Entrepreneurship in Children and Adolescents
Lerch, T.

Literacy Practices for Promoting Preschoolers’ Alphabetic Knowledge Skills: A Self-Study
Zhang, X.


Writers In Residence
Conaway, L.
Add. Authors: Gattis, C.; Hahn, N.

Marietta Academic Journal
Ewing, R.
Add. Authors: Kitchen, K.

Exploration Into the World of Publishing
Gattis, C.
Add. Authors: Conaway, L.


Investment Income in Life Insurance
Klopfenstein, A.
Add. Author: Honeycutt, G.; Cressman, S.

Culture Travel Brochure
Loudon, J.
Add. Authors: Zhang, X.; Matz, K.; Vinskovich, M.

The Effect of Black Swan Events on the Asset-Based Market
Hill, J.


Stratigraphy and Petrography of the Ames Limestone, Conemaugh Group, Late Pennsylvanian, Washington County, Ohio
Adawi, A.

The Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Cyclical Lake Carbonates of the Fishpot Member of the Pennsylvanian Monongahela Group
Aldhawyan, A.

Cyclicity of the Trenton-Point Pleasant Shale Formation in the Southeastern of Ohio
Alibrahim, J.

The Influence of Contaminants on the Hydrogeologic Characteristics of the Marietta, Ohio Aquifer
Barger, L.

Pittsburgh's Identity: Investigating the Relationship between Geology and the City's Social Development
Kirsch, A.

Examining the effectiveness of limestone leach beds in treating acid mine drainage in Coe Hollow of the Monday Creek Watershed
Kirsch, A.

Diagenesis of the Greenbriar Formation
Stratton, W.

Core Observation and Sweet Spot Determination of the Caywood A 1H, Washington County, Ohio
Sweda, E.

Graphic Design

Nation Design Conference
Mosey, M.
Add. Authors: Walton, C.; McKain, H.; Mastin, C.

Health Science

Investigation of Potential Treatments to Reduce Dysphagia in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Cothern, H.

Does BCAA Supplementation Show an Effect on Muscle Mass?
Doss, M.

The Effect of Protein Content and Amino Acid Supplementation on Canine Behavior
Hall, M.

The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Standardized Test Scores of Adolescents
Montgomery, M.

Effects of Monoamine Oxidase A gene mutations on brain structure and function
Pingree, J.

Effects of Sauna Bathing on Cardiovascular Function
Rockocy, L.

Effects of Vitamin E on Oxidation as a Result of Exposure to Iron in Drosophila
Taylor, S.


Warning Signs of a School Shooter
Berzonski, J.

Brick By Brick, Change by Change: The Marietta College Campus
McCormick, M.

The White Emigre in the United States
Stephens, C.

History, Philosophy, Religion, and Gender Studies

Civil War Roundtable: The Destructiveness of the Civil War
Downing, B.

Information Systems

MC Parking Registration System
Burnosky, C.

International Business and Political Science

Mendoza and Shenzhen Cultural Experiences
Tucker, J.

Land and Energy Management

Digitizing Marietta
Lajko, T.

Management, Finance, Strategic Communications

The Effects of Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Engagement – Moderated by Employee Helping Behaviors
Detsch, K.
Add. Authors: Deer, K.; Hall, M.; Kabwa, A.; Kenneally, S.; Rinard, T.; Spires, B.

Middle Education Special Education

The Misdiagnosis Between Trauma and ADHD
Carpenter, K.

Middle Childhood Education

How the Summer Slide Impacts Literacy Rates
McNaught, A.

Music Education

OMEA Conference
Giles, L.

OMEA Conference
Hoover, E.

Music Therapy

2019 AMTA National Conference
Eakle, L.
Add. Authors: Reid-Bey, E.

American Music Therapy Association Conference 2019
Miller, H.
Add. Authors: Rucker, J.

Music Therapy Conference
Pennington, N.
Add. Authors: Bowen, K.

Petroleum Engineering

Chaser Shale Evaluation
Barnes, H.
Add. Authors: Conrad, A.; Brady, I.; Sarkar, P.

Deplorable Energy Corporation - Chaser Shale Development
Bates, W.
Add. Authors: Sweda, E.; Petrovski A.; Doran, M.

Evaluation of the Marietta Field Chaser Shale
Gray, N.
Add. Authors: Blaine, D.; Voelp, S.; Helmick, J.

Petroleum Senior Capstone Project
Kovatch, J.
Add. Authors: Riffle, L.; Legraen, S.; Hale, D.

Moderock Resources: Petroleum Engineering Capstone
Kungle, J.
Add. Authors: Trikones, H.; Crawford, M.; Yates, S.

Energy Business Alliance 2019-2020 Project Presentation
Montano, J.
Add. Authors: Freund, Z.; EBA Team

Dirty D & The Boys Petroleum Capstone
Pappas, C.
Add. Authors: Ziaja, S.; Emerick, B.; Dykstra, T

Physician Assistant Program

The Risks of Oral Contraceptive Prescriptions – What Patients Need to Know
Belyea, E.

Vaping- A New Public Health Crisis?
Fulks, R.
Add. Authors: Sams, D.


A DEFT New Way to Forecast Solar Flares
Chih, M.
Add. Authors: Krista, L.; Dr. Bragg, A.

Analysis of Hydrogen Emission in Be Stars
Farish, T.
Add. Authors: Dr. Howald; Dr. Bragg, A.

Methanol Derived Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Pratt, B.

Political Science

Economic and Social Influences affecting Terrorism in the United States
Clark, T.

Level of Democracy and Civil War Onset
Ewing, R.

How education affect regime stability in Africa
Kasende, Y.

Motivation for Immigration: Government Ideology Impacting Immigration Rates
Kitchen, K.

Felon Voting Rights: The Cases of Pennsylvania and North Carolina
Kitchen, K.
Add. Authors: Clark, T.; Ewing, R.; Farmer, J.; Kasende, J.

How Does a State's Level of Democracy Influence Their Total Number of Domestic Terrorist Attacks and Their Proportional Success?
Mitchell, N.


Priming And Attraction
Ackerman, N.
Add. Authors: Parsons, R.; Wells, M.

"BeanBoozled" Conformity Experiment
Doss, M.
Add. Authors: Drummond, R.; Lacorato, B.; Smith, E.

The Loud Silence
Heft, C.

Perceptions of Mass Murder
Nader, M.
Add. Authors: Rutter, C.; Watson, P.; Teer, A.

Does Gum Affect Recall?
Shine, K.
Add. Authors: Tschudy, A.; Rutecki, A.; Stults, K.

Does Prohibited Cell Phone Use Induce Anxiety
Simmons, J.
Add. Authors: Caldwell, J.; Morgan, H.; Holsinger, M.


Drawbacks of Disproportionality
Mitchell, T.

Bullying in Schools
Romain, I.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of EdChoice Vouchers
Taylor, J.

Sport Management

Marietta College Student-Athlete Survey
Hall, J.
Add. Authors: Cottom, B.; Camino, N.

My Experiences Working for ESPN
Pennington, J.

Media Squad
Rauch, K.

Sport Management Boca Raton Bowl Game Trip
Wiseman, A.

7 days alongside ESPN
Zaferopolos, C.

Strategic Communication & Advertising and Public Relations

Detsch, K.

eSports Marketing: How Playing Video Games Became a Billion Dollar Industry
Holmes, C.

Addressing the Need for Effective Brand Personality in Sports Teams
Nedved, E.

Brand Management in Higher Education
Ruffin, J.

How Microfilm Support Advertising Industry
Shi, A.

The Effect of Storytelling on the Media Environment
Song, Y.

Internship in GRT
Song, Y.

Strategic Communication: Organizational Communication

Win Forever: A Look Into One of DIII Most Powerful Men’s Basketball Programs
McCaughey, N.

Studio Art & English

Writing and Illustrating a Bilingual Children's Book
Swygart, M.

Supply Chain Management

Media With ESPN
Frueh, C.
Add. Author: Smith, R.

Theatre Tech and Design

Becoming a Better Stage Manager
Hoblitzell, B.


The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region Two
Hughes, V.

Irene Ryans/KCACTF Experience
Robinson, B.

Theatre Abroad in France
Roe, M.

Theatre Scholarship Performance Competition
Roe, M.


Summer Study Abroad in England
Kitchen, K.

Eliciting Response Compression in Perceived Time During Physical Activity Through Exposure to Music
Tucker, L.
Add. Authors: Warner, T. Williams, A.