Thank you for visiting your Class of 2008 Reunion site. We are so glad you have decided to celebrate this significant milestone by joining your classmates with a gift to Marietta. We all know the wonderful heritage of Marietta College, and with your support, we can continue to make an impact on future generations of students.

Whether you can attend this special weekend or not, supporting The Class of 2008 Gift helps support all aspects on campus — from Study Abroad and Theater to Student Life Activities and Service Projects. We are trying to get our class to achieve more than 10 percent participation. We are asking you to consider a gift of $20.08, $200.80, $2,008, or anything in between to help us exceed this goal.

We are so excited for this special reunion and hope to see you back on campus in October!

Events to plan for- Friday night: All Alumni Welcome; Saturday: Tailgate, Football Game, 10th Class Reunion. 

Your Class of 2008 Reunion Volunteers: Elicia Banks-Gabriel, Meg Foraker Graham, Jessica Craig McDaniel, Chad McDaniel, Rosa Hanks, Mac Bishop and Sotiria Anagnostou.

Join these classmates (and more!) when you return to the place you called home:

Brian Ashton
Nick Aylward
Elicia Banks-Gabriel
Mac Bishop
David Borrelli
Tim Budney
Katie Burkhalter
Ryan Callihan
Ami Casis
Rich Cherrison
Tricia Cherrison
Dee DeForest
Tricia Donovan-Huelsman
Sergio Fajardo
Jessy Freshour
Meg Graham
Michael Hart
Beth Haynes
Jessica Hudec
Kyle Hummel
Goose Kitson
Rita Klein
Allison LaRocca
Philip Lemaster
Casey Leonard
Kevin Leonard
Christopher Luciano
Megan Luciano
Jason Mackay
Nick Manson
Toni Matson
Chad McDaniel
Jessica McDaniel
Whitney Miller
Tyler Okel
Heather Paige Jackson
Jolene Reeder
Kayla Reiland
Adam Rockhold
Olivia Rose
Braden Sanner
Eric Taylor
Lee Ann Wainwright
Kurt Wile
Jeff Wojton
Ashley Wollam
Shawn Woods