“I’ve become a lot more adventurous and less afraid of failing. When I came to campus, I tended to shy away from opportunities when I knew there was a chance I’d fail. Obviously, I still don’t like failing, but after taking a lot of chances, I’ve learned that it’s worth taking that risk.”

December: End of Fall 2019 Semester


Hello, and happy December!

I can't believe I'm already halfway through my senior year; this semester has been flying by. Overall, it was a great semester for me. I took a couple of classes outside the business department but I really enjoyed them all of them and did well. I also kept busy on campus outside of the classroom. From working with SGA to going to football games, I have stayed busy and involved.

As I get closer to graduation, I have also been reflecting a lot and thinking about how grateful I am to have chosen to come to Marietta College. We have so many amazing opportunities at Marietta that are only possible because of the generosity of our alumni and community.

If you're interested in helping to support some of these opportunities, we would all greatly appreciate any year-end gift you are able to make.

Have a happy holiday season and I'll see you again soon!

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November: Thanksgiving


Hello, and Happy November!

With Thanksgiving coming up, I have been thinking about what I'm thankful for this year. Check out my video to see what I appreciate the most about Marietta College, and then send me an email about what you're thankful for! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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October: Remembering Homecoming


Homecoming is always one of my favorite times on campus, and this year did not disappoint! We had a great turnout, and it was a great time to be on campus. I got to meet a ton of alumni, and it was definitely my favorite homecoming so far! It was awesome meeting so many new people and hearing stories of their times at Marietta.

If you were able to make it back to campus, I hope you had an amazing time! And, if you weren’t able to come to homecoming, I hope you can make it back soon!

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An Introduction


Hi! I’m Ashley Klopfenstein and I’m your student ambassador! I came to Marietta from Cicero, Indiana to study finance and public accounting. I’m a senior this year and am glad to be back on campus and getting back in the swing of things for my last round.

I’m excited to be sharing my experience at Marietta with you throughout year and cannot wait to meet some more Pioneers!

Welcome Ashley or make a gift in her honor. Learn more about his fellow Ambassadors, Bella, Robert and Orv.