Introducing Benjamin!

I grew up hearing stories of Marietta College, since my dad is also a Pioneer, but it wasn’t until I got here that I realized what a special place it really is. I’ve had so many more opportunities than I imagined, in the classroom, on the lacrosse field, and especially as I prepare for a future in petroleum engineering. I’m looking forward to sharing more about these experiences as your ambassador this year.

Each time I step on the field, interact with a professor, or take advantage of the many extra-curricular activities here on campus, I’m reminded how The Long Blue Line impacts my life as a student. All of those things are supported by The Marietta Fund, and I’m grateful for all of the donors who have contributed to the College.

Your support matters to me and all of my classmates, and we’d like to invite you to make a gift today. You can visit the give page, or call or text “DONATE” to 877.318.0990 to invest in our College and the futures of students like me.

Thank you for your support, and Go Pios!

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There are lots of ways to stay connected with Marietta College, and attending Homecoming is a great way to see first-hand how your involvement affects everyone on campus. If you're planning to attend, please make sure you register before Monday, October 18! If your contact information isn't up-to-date, you might be missing out on other important messages from Marietta.

You can make changes to your information, control how often you're contacted, and submit special updates for the alumni magazine any time by using this form.

And finally, if you can't join us in person this Homecoming, please consider joining us online in our Virtual Stadium! Right now all Marietta College teams are competing to fill the stadium, and when you purchase a ticket with a gift of just $5 or more, you'll not only help provide resources for your favorite team, but you could also help us win up to $3,000 in prizes thanks to the generosity of an alumnus. I'd really like to see Men's Lacrosse move up the leaderboard, so don't forget to select your favorite team if you choose to make a gift.

I'd welcome the opportunity to connect if you're going to be back on campus, so please reach out. Thanks for being a big part of what makes Marietta "home" to so many!

Say hello to Benjamin or make a gift in his honor.


I wanted to briefly share some of the things I am most grateful for during this Thanksgiving season. The fall has always been my favorite time of year, with the changing of leaves, Thanksgiving, and cooler weather. I’m not sure about you, but I need some variation of season! At Marietta, we are approaching break, and this semester has flown by. I still am in shock that I have a platform and an opportunity to share my story with a large community. Even short updates are fun to make, and (hopefully) fun to watch.

I mentioned the recent fire at the Alpha Xi Delta house in my video, and I would like to reiterate how absolutely unbelievable the support has been. My friends and I were relentlessly exclaiming about the sheer speed at which more than $65,000 was raised in support of these students in crisis. I know that everybody who watches these videos and receives communication from Marietta (as well as other sources) is asked to help different organizations quite often. I can’t express enough how much it inspires students like me to give back to their communities. On that point, Marietta Men’s Lacrosse has participated in the Headstrong foundation’s fundraiser for improving the lives of those with cancer, and this year, we are participating again. It hits close to home, as one of our own players, Chad Stowell, was a beneficiary of this fundraising last year, succeeding with his battle against cancer. You can click here  if you would like to make a small donation in addition to your gifts to Marietta College.

To close, I hope that everyone has a safe and family-filled Thanksgiving. Please, travel safely and spend the time with those whom you are close with. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Say hello to Benjamin or make a gift in his honor.