"Professor Rakibul Sarker has probably had the biggest impact on my academic career so far. He has shown over and over that you are never too smart to be wrong. His classes are challenging but make you push yourself to learn the material. I also had a professor who ended an email with “always head toward the unknown, never run away from it.” That is the attitude he brought to his classes and expected us to bring with us. He showed me that problem solving is the best skill you can learn. Marietta College and my professors are giving me the basic skills and connections I will need to be successful post-graduation."

November: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time of year that allows a lot of looking back and realizing all the things you’ve taken for granted. One thing that is apparent to me right now is how much I have missed a home cooked meal. Spending time with my family back in West Virginia is another one of those things I don’t fully appreciate until it doesn’t happen every day, so being home has been a nice change of pace.

Back at school though, football is one thing I am very thankful for. With my final season ending a week ago, I’ve looked back at my sixteen years playing and realize how blessed I have been.  In the last four year alone, I’ve been a part of getting new jerseys, new helmets, a new windscreen and a much-needed new field surface. I know that none of that could have happened without your support, so thank you.

Campus is alive and growing, the culture on campus is hopeful and excited and interest in Marietta College is at an all-time high. This would not be the case without people like you supporting the college you love. From myself, the Pioneers at MC now and from all those who are yet to come through, thank you for your continued support.

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October: Homecoming!

Homecoming was an exciting weekend to say the least, as the football team climbed to 6-0 on the season. A win at John Carroll tomorrow would send this team into the history books, with the first 7-0 start to a season and the first win against JCU. I hear some alumni are planning on tailgating up in Cleveland.

There were tons of alumni who came back last weekend for Homecoming; some were 2018 grads, and many were earlier than that. Either way, it was fun to reunite with old friends and make new ones along the way. The Long Blue Line was out in full force all weekend and campus was buzzing. Click my video link to hear more of my thoughts.

All the fresh faces helped cover up the stresses involved with midterms. We are right about to the halfway point in the semester – hard to believe that my senior year is a quarter of the way done. Before long I’ll be joining you as an alum of MC, but until then I’m trying to make the most of my senior year.

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September: What's it like coming back?


Coming back to Marietta as a senior is a unique feeling. It’s initially an adjustment because all of the students who influenced us and that we have looked up to over the past three years are gone. With the same flip of the coin, it is also apparent that we are now at the top of the proverbial collegiate pyramid.

Just like that, all of the underclassmen are looking to us for what to do and how to behave. The responsibility for continuing the culture of MC falls on our shoulders. It’s up to us to create and strengthen the bonds and relationships that have developed over the past four years. We are helping new students make connections and start those relationships that will carry them through their time here and beyond.

Growing the Pio culture means supporting our student body in all endeavors, both in and outside of the classroom. It is a great privilege to be the next piece of the Long Blue Line and an honor to be the ones responsible for carrying the torch for this school, even if only for a little while.

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An Introduction


My name is Caleb Riggleman, although some people call me Riggs. I am a senior at Marietta College, majoring in Petroleum Engineering with a minor in Energy Systems. When I graduate I hope to work off-shore for a little while before I settle down.

I grew up in Beverly, West Virginia, where I played a lot of sports, and I'm excited to play football for the Pios.

Marietta has had a much more home-like feeling than I expected at first, and during my time here the atmosphere has changed to one of growth, hope and expectation. I am excited to share some of those feelings with you during my final year here, and am looking forward to making connections.

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