"I'm grateful that I've had the opportunity to study abroad at Marietta. My time here has been so much better than I expected. People here really care about the people around them, and they are always willing to help you when you need anything. Marietta is providing me with solid knowledge, good study habits, and an optimistic attitude for life. Even with a triple major, I've been able to participate in symphonic band, the wind ensemble, Pio Pep band, Floodstage and women’s choir."

November: Thanksgiving


It’s hard to believe it’s already November and this semester is almost over. I hope everything is going great.

This month I wanted to share some things that I'm grateful for, so I'm showing you the brand-new band rehearsal hall. I want you to see the new components of the band hall, such as the new practice room, new lockers and my favorite new instrument - the five-octave marimba.

Also, I appreciate the new workout facilities a lot. I know these things wouldn’t be on campus without your support, and I’m also grateful for the tuition freeze that was just announced. Thanks for your support, both emotionally and financially.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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October: Homecoming!


This past weekend was Homecoming, and it was awesome to see so many alumni come back!

We celebrated an exciting victory with the football team, and I enjoyed playing during the game with our symphonic band. There were a lot of band alumni who came back to play with us. We were improvising and adding notes, but it actually sounded great.

After football, our a capella group Floodstage performed during the reunion dinner for the class of 1968, singing a Beatles medley and other songs from the era. They were super supportive! The experience makes me wonder what our reunion will be like in 2069. 

Also, I talked to so many alumni who shared how the campus developed before we were here. It feels great to hear those stories, and I hope to meet more alumni and hear more stories soon.

Have good one!

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September: What's it like coming back?


Hello friends,
It’s been a month since school started, welcome back! Coming back, I’ve noticed some differences on campus compared to the past 3 years. First of all, the campus feels much more crowded this year since welcoming around 400 freshmen. They have been super involved in everything, which brings a lot of great energy to MC and the whole community.

Also, our football and soccer fields, band hall and workout facilities were all renovated over the summer, which upgrades the quality of all of our lives on campus. Moreover, the MC football team is having  a historic year, and I believe that they will give us a wonderful homecoming game. So, don’t forget to come back home for Homecoming October 12th – 14th!  

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An Introduction


Hello everyone,

My name is Coco Shao. I’m one of the Marietta College Ambassadors this year. It’s a pleasure to show you daily life on campus and share my personal story with all MC alumni, friends and families! I’m an international student at MC, and I’m from Beijing, China. Currently, I’m a senior, triple major in Mathematics, Economics and Music. I play in band, choir and Floodstage (MC a capella group). Also, I love playing basketball and going to all the sport events. For my last year at MC, I’ll finish all three of my capstones, prepare for grad school, and simply enjoy everything that happens around the MC campus.

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