October 2020: (STAY)Homecoming, Virtual Stadium Sell Out, and Connections

Hello everyone,

First, I want to thank everyone who wished me luck and gave me advice on midterms! Your support gave me the little bit of oomph that I needed. 

Homecoming is this Friday and Saturday, and it will be completely virtual this year. I encourage you to sign up and check out the fashion show that I am in! You can also join us in our virtual stadium to cheer on the Pioneers by visiting https://www.givecampus.com/028rzo.

Something I've been thinking about lately is connections. With COVID-19 and being in different classes/groups than I was last semester, I've noticed a big difference in the people that I connect with most on a daily basis. So, I'm curious about some connections you have as a result of Marietta College. Who have you kept in touch with? Did your friend-group change a lot over time?

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September: An Introduction

Hi everyone, I’m Cole Longcor and I'll be your student ambassador this year. As a sophomore triple major, I want to share what life at Marietta College is like today, especially with so many things being very different right now.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have, or send me your best advice on how to make the most of my time at MC!

Say hello to Cole or make a gift in his honor.