May Update

Hello, this is my last update as an ambassador for Marietta College. 

I want to thank you for following my story; I greatly appreciate your support. Personally, I have learned so much this year. The past year has taught us to be more grateful for the things we have in life. While I didn’t enjoy wearing a mask to class and having to be tested for COVID twice a week, I am grateful that I was able to learn in the classroom instead of over Zoom and that the Ohio National Guard provided us with their testing services so that I could still play lacrosse and have a great time with my teammates.  

The past year has not been easy, but the Marietta community has come together to make the best of it, and we are all grateful for that.

Before I go, I'd like to ask for your support just one more time. Gifts to the Marietta Fund are what makes having an incredible experience at MC possible — they allow us to compete in varsity sports, hire the best professors, offer scholarships and more. Will you support students like me by making a gift, of any amount, before the end of the fiscal year, June 30th? It would mean so much to me, and it would be helping a current student in need. Give now at

Being an ambassador was a great opportunity, and I look forward to staying in touch with all of my new friends. Have a great summer!

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April Update

Hello everyone! 

The spring semester is coming to a close here at MC. Students will be taking finals the week of April 26th to May 1st. Personally, it is hard for me to believe that the semester is already almost over and that I will be a senior in the fall. It feels like only a year ago I was moving in as a freshman. Although, I must admit that a break from homework and exams will be nice, but I will miss my friends from Marietta. 

Over the summer, I will be returning to my home in Maryland where I will be working as a financial accounting intern at James G. Davis Construction. The internship will be the subject of my capstone project that I will complete during my senior year. I am excited for the new experience and look forward to working with Davis Construction. 

My last video will be next month, so let me know if you have any burning questions or things you want to see in my final video. Until then, enjoy the spring weather!

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March Update

Hello everyone, 

First, thank you to everyone who made the fifth annual Day of Giving a huge success! Your support of current students like me means the world.

We've just completed midterms and the semester is flying by! Students are already preparing to register for classes for the Fall 2021 semester.  We recently had our Spring Break Day. Even though we usually have more than one day, this break provided us with a good opportunity to catch up on work but kept us on campus to avoid potential exposure to COVID-19.  

Also, recently, the men's basketball team won the OAC championship defeating Ohio Northern 100-49. The football team will begin playing games again March 19th with a home game against Baldwin Wallace. Our lacrosse season has also started and we won our home opener against Muskingum! 

Let’s reconnect — send me a message and let me know what you’ve been up to over the last month or what you’re most looking forward to. Talk to you soon!

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February Update

Hey everyone,

To celebrate being back on campus and the upcoming Day of Giving, I wanted to do a special interview with someone who loves Marietta as much as I do, and makes an impact on my experience here. So, I interviewed my supervisor, Courtney Wentz '17. Enjoy!

This year's Day of Giving is going to be our biggest celebration yet! The campaign will kick off on Sunday, February 14 at 12:01 a.m. and continue until February 15 at 18:35 (6:35 p.m. Eastern).

Our goal is to get 1,415 Pioneers to share their love by making a gift of any amount. This is a step up from the record-breaking 1,200 donors we had last year, but I know that with your help, we can do it!

When you share your love by making a gift, you're positively impacting current students, like myself. You're also helping your class and/or Greek chapter to compete for special prizes and you could be entered into exclusive raffles!

Also, students and professors have been working hard to host some special love-themed events for you. Visit to learn more and register for free.

I hope you're staying happy and healthy, and that you'll share your #Luv4MC​ on social media and during #MCGivesLuv​. Until then, Go Pios!

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January Update

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has started off the New Year strong.  Fortunately, despite even more cases of COVID-19 cases across the US, students will be returning for the spring semester.  Personally, I am excited to go back and am thankful that President Ruud, among others, has advocated for students to remain on campus and continue in-person classes.

Sporting events will also be held again. Most of the sports played indoors like basketball and volleyball will not be allowing fans to attend but the OAC will be deciding on March 1 if outdoor sports like football and lacrosse will be allowed to have fans in attendance. In the meantime, the College is doing a fan cutout campaign that lets fans purchase a cutout of themselves, a loved one, or even a pet to be placed in the stands for basketball and volleyball season. If you are interested, make sure you visit and place your order soon so we can see you in the stands as soon as possible!

Also, coming up in February is Marietta's annual Day of Giving.  Last year, we received 1,210 donations raising a total of $192,407.  This year, our goal is 1,415 donors and with your help, I think we can do it! If you're interested in helping us spread the word by becoming an advocate, please email

Finally, I want to wish everyone a happy 2021. Go Pios!

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December Update

Hello everyone, I hope you're finishing out 2020 on a positive note!  

Finals went really well for me and I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. A few days later, I hopped on a flight to Houston, TX for an internship. Not even 24 hours after landing in Houston I was on another flight to Salt Lake City, UT. The office that I was going to be working at was going on a trip to the corporate headquarters and I was lucky enough to tag along. Utah is now the furthest west I have ever been, and it was beautiful! The mountains were incredible and it was a good experience overall. I flew back to Houston after four days in Utah and began working. I hadn’t even worked for ten whole days and COVID-19 took me out, ugh. I am currently quarantining in my apartment in Houston for ten days waiting to be able to fly home to spend the holidays with my family. 

I can’t wait to go home and also to get back to Marietta on January 18th. From what I have heard from my coach, it sounds like sports will definitely be starting up again which is great news! It is unclear whether there will only be competition in-conference or if it will be a normal schedule, but regardless, there will be sports. 

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and stays safe!

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November Update

Hello everyone! In this video, I wanted to address the question of "what are we thankful for?" as it is a common topic of discussion as Thanksgiving approaches.  

In past years, many people would have answered that question by saying how grateful they are to be spending time with their family and enjoying great food.  For many of us, this year may not be the same as it has been in the past. 
With all of the changes in our lives, it might even be tough to remember what we’re grateful for, but technology has allowed us to connect and remind each other of all of the good things we still share. I’m thankful for the ways I’ve been able to connect with you, and for your support that is allowing me to stay on a vibrant and safe campus in Marietta while so many students across the country are only learning online.
What are you thankful for this year? I’d love to hear from you, and hope that you’re able to embrace the hard times that we have been enduring as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.  One day in the future we all want to look back and know that we made the most of our time in 2020 despite the challenges that have been thrown at us.

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October 2020: (STAY)Homecoming, Virtual Stadium Sell Out, and Connections

Hello all, 

It was great hearing from many of you throughout the past few weeks! This week, I've created a video to show you what a day in my life looks like as we adapt to changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although much has changed, we are all still grateful that we continue to have in-person learning (for the most part) and can continue to live on campus.  

President Ruud and the faculty at Marietta College have done an incredible job to keep the number of cases to only 4 since the semester has started.  Throughout my video, I show you class, practice, dining, and some more, but throughout all those aspects of my day, I am surrounded by wonderful people who make Marietta College a special place and the reason why I enjoy my time here so much.  

With that being said, I'd like to encourage everyone to reach out to an old roommate, teammate, coach, professor, or anyone who had an impact on your life during your time at college.  Most of us are doing our best to stay inside and limit contact with others to reduce the spread of COVID-19, which means we have a lot less social contact with others.  That includes our games, too, but you can join us in our virtual stadium during Homecoming at  Now, more than ever, we all enjoy catching up with others who we have not seen in a while. 

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone for their concerns regarding my roommate Chad and his battle against brain cancer. Currently, members of the lacrosse team (including myself) are growing our mustaches to raise funds and awareness for Chad and others in similar positions. If you'd like to contribute, you can make a donation here. Please do not feel like you must do this, but know that Chad and his family are very grateful for any support.

Until next time,
Jackson McGill

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September: An Introduction

Hello, my name is Jackson McGill. I am a Junior here at Marietta College majoring in finance and minoring in psychology. My hometown is about four and a half hours away in Frederick, Maryland. I came to Marietta College primarily because of the positive attitudes and excitement displayed by the staff, but also for the opportunity to build the lacrosse program. My freshman year was the first year the team was brought back as a varsity sport. Therefore, I have been able to have a substantial impact on the program since day one. I am also involved in the Pioneers Activities Council, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society. My favorite things to do on campus are going to home basketball games and playing video games with my roommates.

This is my first year being an Alumni Ambassador. I am really excited about the opportunity to connect with alumni and hear their stories about their time at Marietta and to hopefully get advice on how to maximize my experience as a student here. I know everyone from The Long Blue Line has had different experiences and opportunities and I hope to hear from you all!

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