2009 McCoy Scholar adjusting to College life in a hurry

It should come as no surprise that in just two weeks after arriving on campus, Caleb Muller, 18, was already involved in three clubs, campaigning for a spot on Student Senate and running cross country.


Clearly Muller (Bexley, Ohio) is a goal-oriented person with boundless energy. Oh yea, let’s not forget he is also the 2009 McCoy Scholarship recipient.


“I was coming to Marietta College whether I received the scholarship or not because I really enjoyed my visit to campus and felt I could spend four years here,” Muller says.

Endowed by alumnus John G. ’35 and Jeanne B. McCoy in 1998, the McCoy Scholarship Program promotes and recognizes outstanding academic ability and achievement by an incoming freshman student. The scholarship is renewable for four years and includes coverage of tuition, fees, room, board, and a personal computer.


The Bexley High School graduate had already received a full-tuition scholarship when he got a call from a Marietta College official.


“It was kind of funny. I don’t remember who called, but he said I have some good news and some bad news. He told me they would have to take away my full scholarship, but that they wanted to upgrade it with the McCoy Scholarship,” Muller says. “I was excited, and needless to say, my parents were very happy with the news.”


Muller, son of Timothy and Mary Muller, hasn’t missed a beat since arriving on campus back in August. He moved in earlier than most freshmen to take part in the McDonough Leadership orientation EXCEL. Muller, who is majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Leadership Studies, has adjusted well to most aspects of college life.


“The whole moving away from my family to be on my own has been great,” he says. “I do have to watch what I eat. I’m not used to the whole buffet thing, now I understand what they mean by the Freshman 15.”


Muller has been dealing with change since his family moved from Adelaide, Australia, five years ago. “I like Australia and Ohio. I think I’ve adjusted probably the best of anyone in my family.” He hopes to return to Australia one summer during college. He’s the only member of his family who has not been back since the move. Muller has three brothers—Joel, 20; Micah, 16; and Zebedee, 7.


He’s busy now taking two honors courses, physics, engineering statistics and an introductory Leadership class.


His original plan was to study at Marietta for three years and then finish the 3-2 program at Case Western in Cleveland. However, his early indoctrination to what all Marietta College has to offer—he has joined the Math Club, College Democrats and Ultimate Frisbee Club—has altered his original plan a bit.


“I want to stay here for four years. I want to do four years here and two years somewhere else … probably still Case Western,” Muller says. “Marietta College has really lived up to what I thought it would be if not more. Bexley High School is known as a very rigorous school, but my classes at Marietta have been a real step up.”


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