AAF partners with justAjar for Cookies and Cards event

Students look for metal stamps at justAjar in downtown Marietta

The Marietta College chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) recently offered students a glimpse into a facet of the design world not often seen by people today.

On Friday, February 10th the AAF club hosted a Cards and Cookies event at justAjar, a graphic design and letterpress studio in downtown Marietta.

The event was put on as a way to increase collaboration between media and design students as well as raising awareness across campus about the benefits of being a part of professional development organizations such as AAF.

Attendees were able to try their hand at creating custom cards using wood and lead type and illustrations and a printing press at justAjar.

Many took the opportunity to design unique cards that could be given to loved ones on upcoming holidays.

Whether homemade cookies or the prospect of making one-of-a-kind cards was what brought students downtown, all of those who attended were treated to seeing a nearly 500-year-old design process in action as well as learning about an organization that’s active on campus and throughout the country.

As AAF’s chapter advisor, Lori Smith, an instructor in the Department of Communication, said, “Cards and Cookies was a fun event for students where they could not only be creative, but also learn about the offset printing process and the American Advertising Federation.”

The Marietta College chapter of AAF has consistently been active with events off campus and beyond the city of Marietta.

In connection with the Cleveland chapter, members of Marietta’s AAF chapter have won Student Connection Scholarships as well as attended Mosaic Career Fairs and Conferences, professional development luncheons and agency crawls. A past member has also participated in the Vance and Betty Lee Stickell Internship Program.

In the past, members have attended and presented at the District 5 Conference for the National Student Advertising Competition. With past brands, including Pizza Hut, the chapter would create a completely original advertising campaign for a client and present their plans at the conference. 

For some, AAF has proven a valuable supplement to their liberal arts education at Marietta.

“AAF has impacted my life in so many ways, from experience to networking,” said Erika Massie ’18 (Warsaw, Ohio), President of Marietta’s AAF Chapter. “Having that real-world experience has definitely prepared me for my job in the future and helping me know my strengths and weaknesses. In the classroom, we have learned the fundamentals of advertising campaigns and working in the advertising world, and in AAF we bring what we learned in the classroom to life.”