About 90 future students spend the day touring MC Campus

Carloads of families and friends of incoming freshman drove into Marietta early this morning to take part in the first of five freshman schedule days.

Of the expected 95 students, 90 found their way to the campus Monday morning (June 13) for a taste of what’s to come. As the incoming students found their groups and sat around campus in the morning sun many appeared to be tired, hot, and nervous of the activities that awaited them.

Groups of about 10 incoming students where led around campus by a current upperclassman who helped the group through activities and “ice-breakers.” The different activities gave the students something to laugh about and enjoy while getting to know one another. Some groups exchanged summer stories while others just simply asked questions about what Marietta has to offer.

Katherine Barrington, of Pittsburgh, came to this event in hopes of getting some new ideas of Marietta. When asked why Mike Berquist chose to come to Marietta for Monday's tour he replied, “It seemed like a good opportunity to gain some insight on what Marietta college has to offer.”

Not only will the students get to know one another but they will also be taking part in some activities and receiving some vital information and tools for when they return. Later in the day the prospective students took their math placement tests. They also had lunch from MC’s Dining Services, and received their college ID and mailbox keys.

A discussion panel featuring members of the Marietta College student body answered questions at the Gathering Place while students ate and met members of other groups. The upcoming freshman schedule days are June 18, and 25, as well as July 9, and 16.