Alumni support helps Marietta surpass annual giving goal


Brandee Norris , Executive Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement, knew that reaching the $1.85 million Marietta Fund goal was critically important to the College.

“But I had faith that our alumni and friends would once again rise to the challenge, and that’s exactly what they did,” Norris said. “And I know why The Marietta Fund goal was met; our alumni and friends have strong, ties to the College and they want to preserve the same quality education and life experiences for future generations of students.”

Not only did the College reach the goal, it eclipsed it by almost $100,000 — $1,949,305.95.

Norris said alumni and friends have a good understanding that The Marietta Fund accounts for 3 percent of the College’s annual budget, so every dollar donated supports every program, every sport, every major and every student at Marietta.

“The conversations that I have with alumni always lead into stories of poignant moments they had as students here,” Norris said. “Whether it was the respect they had for their professors, meeting the person they married, or just fond memories of spending time with the people they still count as close friends, alumni love to talk about their Marietta College experiences and enjoy being able to support those types of experiences for current and future students.”

President Joseph W. Bruno and his wife, Diane, are impressed by the commitment that alumni, friends and employees make to keeping Marietta College one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the Midwest.

“Diane and I are sincerely grateful for that support,” Bruno said. “Your generosity not only strengthens the College, it also inspires us.”

Angela Anderson, Interim Vice President of Advancement, said next year’s operating budget dictates that The Marietta Fund Goal for 2015-16 is $2.15 million — a 16 percent increase.

“The Board of Trustees and the Marietta College Alumni Association Board of Directors all played a key role in achieving the 2014-15 Marietta Fund goal,” Anderson said. “In addition to their monetary support, the Trustees and the MCAA Board committed their time and talents to making this fund drive a success.”

Anderson also extended thanks to the faculty and staff.

“Many alumni, friends, students, faculty and staff understand the impact that The Marietta Fund has on our current students and campus community, and how supporting the annual fund directly supports the mission of the College,” Anderson said. “It is humbling to know that so many are dedicated to the preservation of Marietta College and consistently show their devotion by helping us reach our annual goal. Thank you to all who helped support the College, and I hope you will continue to support in the coming years as we strive to meet our new goal.”