AmeriCorps VISTA impact presentation highlights civic engagement

One thing is pretty clear: Marietta College’s AmeriCorps VISTAs Amanda Dever and Zaia Thombre had a busy 2010-11.

This became apparent during their recent presentation in Andrews Hall Great Room that showed the progress of the College’s Civic Engagement program.

Dever and Thombre touched on a number of subjects during their 30-minute discussion, including goals and projects they led during the past academic year.

“Our goals for the Office of Civic Engagement were to increase student engagement within the community, increase the number of student leadership positions, help fill community and nonprofit capacity building needs and to promote social dialogue of social justice issues,” Thombre said.

The various programs they were involved with included Hunger and Homelessness Week, Make a Difference Day, community service days and also the inaugural Non-Profit Capacity Building Conference.

It was the first year that Dever and Thombre teamed up on campus, and it will be their last.

While Dever is returning for her third and final year, Thombre is leaving Marietta to work for Teach For America.

“I wanted to have another year to develop the Office of Civic Engagement to give myself opportunity to grow both personally and professionally,” Dever said. “I am sad to see Zaia leave this community, she did an excellent job laying the foundation for the nonprofit capacity building effort and I know that she will be missed.”

Thombre will be stationed somewhere in the Mississippi Delta region for her teaching assignment, but plans to stay in touch with the Marietta College community.

“I welcome all e-mails and hand written letters from anyone who wants to keep in touch,” Thombre said.

Dever looks forward to continuing the hard work she has displayed the past two years to improve the College’s Civic Engagement program this next year. “I’m very excited to work with everyone here at Marietta College in sustaining and building on the programs we already have in place.”