Campus community welcomes first-year students

Current students help carry items on move-in day

For many incoming first-year students and their families, the morning of Move-In Day is an exhausting, stressful and tear-filled time.

But for Marietta College families experiencing Move-In Day, it was nothing but smiles.

“We parents are blown away by how friendly everyone here is!” said a father walking into Mary Beach Hall empty handed.

By 8 a.m., an impressive group of volunteers made up of Peer Mentors, Community Advisors, faculty, staff from all departments, athletic coaches and administrators stood along Butler Street ready to help unpack family vehicles and tote belongings into the new students’ residence halls.

Just as soon as the Klaiber family’s two pickup trucks parked in front of Mary Beach Hall, both vehicles were surrounded by volunteers ready to work.

“That’s what I call teamwork,” said President Bill Ruud, who was one of the volunteers helping. Within minutes, both trucks were unloaded and ready to be moved to the parking lot.

Gregory “Hunter” Klaiber ’20, of Ironton, Ohio, expected the morning to go as smoothly as it did. He and his parents, Kelli and Greg, had received plenty of communication from Student Life and Admission about what this day would entail.

“From what (the College) told me, I knew there would be help,” Hunter said. “Everything they’ve said to me has been true.”

Amanda Mullen, Associate Dean of Students, was grateful for the number of volunteers who spent the sunny morning directing traffic, checking in students, unloading vehicles and helping to carry items to each student’s room. Parkhurst Dining also provided coffee and refreshments in the Hermann Fine Arts Center lobby, where the student check-in was staged.

“About 150 students moved in this morning,” Amanda said.

First-year students playing varsity volleyball, soccer and football, international students and students in the McDonough Program moved into their housing prior to Wednesday.

“When we asked for volunteers to help with Move-In, everyone seemed excited to come and help,” Amanda said. “Move-In started at 9 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m., which will give the students and their families enough time to get settled before Matriculation, which starts at 4 p.m.”

One of the first students to arrive Wednesday morning was Zach Ward ’20 (Cincinnati, Ohio), who was accompanied by his mother, Niki, and 12-year-old sister, Maggie. Greeting them was Softball Head Coach Jeanne Arbuckle, who quickly hailed a team of volunteers to unpack the Wards’ vehicles.

“We drove (from Cincinnati) this morning,” Zach said.

He was recruited to play baseball and will major in International Business.

“I’m ready to be here, but not really ready to leave her,” Zach said as he put his arm around his little sister.

Peer Mentor Jordi Light ’17 was happy to help welcome the newest members of the Pioneer family to campus. As a first-year Peer Mentor, she was a bit nervous to start her new role but also felt aptly prepared.

“I guess my advice to new students would be to find out where you feel you fit in and really stick with it,” Jordi said. “That’s what I struggled with my first year and ended up doing too many different things.”