College adds Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life

Coming from a school with an enrollment of nearly 18,000 students to one with 1,400 can seem strange at first, but for Allison Toney it’s a breath of fresh air.

Toney joins Marietta College as its new Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life after graduating from Clemson University, a large public university in her home state of South Carolina where she completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. “I am looking forward to being a part of a smaller institution and getting to know the community since the majority of my experiences have been at a larger, land-grant state institution,” Toney said.

Her work at Clemson, while studying for her graduate degree in Counselor Education Student Affairs, included alcohol education, fraternity and sorority life, community affairs, and orientation. After completing her master’s degree, she has a chance to work in a small town and on a small campus doing what she loves.

“I am passionate about my work with fraternity and sorority life and I am excited to be working with the Greek community at Marietta,” Toney said. “The great thing about working on a smaller campus is the opportunity for me to have multiple experiences with student activities, Greek life, and orientation.”

Marietta College has three sororities (Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega and Sigma Kappa) and three fraternities (Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Tau Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha).