College adds Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

When Dr. Eric Limegrover first saw the job posting for the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Marietta College, he felt fate had intervened.

Having just moved to Marietta last year to serve as Clinical Director at L&P Services and having previously held the title of Coordinator of Substance Abuse Services at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, the position marries his collegiate interests and clinical expertise, making him the right fit for the position in the new Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness on campus.

Dr. Bob Pastoor, Vice President for Student Life, recently announced that Limegrover would become the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services in June.

“Marietta College has a superb reputation, and the individuals I have met so far have only reinforced my high expectations, Limegrover said. “I am excited to walk on campus and be a part of the Marietta College community.”

The position of Director of Counseling and Psychological Services has the primary responsibilities of supervising the Center for Health and Wellness clinical services, chairing the Campus Threat Assessment Team, working with area hospitals, overseeing administrative and budgetary functions, as well as providing direct individual care for students, among other duties.

In his time at Miami University, Limegrover acted as a counselor, professor and consultant to his students. He notes this experience as the one that sparked his enthusiasm for working with young adults and their families.

Pastoor said Limegrover’s time at Miami University was significant to his hiring.

“He has great collegiate experience at Miami University, and he is well versed in the issues that college students face on a day-to-day basis,” Pastoor said.

According to Limegrover, students face unique difficulties that surround the transitional phase of life that college provides.

“These issues are dealing with living on their own, balancing time commitments, establishing and sustaining healthy romantic relationships and understanding the effects of substance use,” Limegrover said. “These issues are just a few of the topics discussed at our office. We will be able to assist with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, bullying while developing healthy support systems through individual and group therapy.”

Nearing the final stages of construction, Marietta’s new Center for Health and Wellness will be located in Harrison Hall and will combine the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services with the former Health Center. The Center dons the commemorating name of Dr. J. Michael Harding, the prior Director of Counseling and Psychological Services who tragically passed away in July 2011.

Pastoor hopes students will find the new center more conducive to their needs, as student feedback has played an integral role in planning both the Center’s design and its services. Limegrover appreciates this inclusion of the student body and views it as a testament to the College’s values.

“The Health and Wellness Center is just another example of Marietta College putting the needs of their students first,” Limegrover said. “I am very excited to get to work at Marietta College and establishing the center.”