College celebrates first MCGives Day

After spending a few weeks away, Marietta College students have returned to their second home.

To celebrate their homecoming and to ensure that future generations of students enjoy the same experiences, the Office of Alumni Engagement is encouraging alumni, family and friends of the College to participate in the first online-driven #MCGives Day. The theme is HOME, which honors students’ second home — Marietta College. Starting today at 8 a.m. and lasting until Tuesday at 2:35 p.m. — exactly 1835 minutes — the College is celebrating the many great things that philanthropy provides for current and future students.

Gifts may be made online at Another way to show support is by sharing the link on social media with the hashtag #MCGivesHOME.

“Being a young alumna of Marietta College, I really hope other young alums will feel that #MCGives Day is an easy way to give at any level and that we can create a buzz about Marietta College,” says Shaylyn Allen ’14, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement for Phonathon and Young Alumni. “As students are arriving back to campus for the spring semester, this is a great opportunity to support their studies and co-curricular experiences at Marietta.”

The idea of #MCGivesHOME began during a drive back to Marietta College after members of the Alumni Engagement Office attended a conference. In addition to raising funds for the College to help support current and future students, the goals of the #MCGivesHOME event is to increase alumni participation rate, particularly in young alumni, first-time donors and lapsed donors, and to raise enthusiasm for Marietta College through social media.

“As the nature of philanthropy is changing rapidly, we’re excited to engage alumni and friends of Marietta College in new ways,” says Chett Pritchett, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement for Regional Associations and Online Communications. “Social media, texting and online resources provide new ways to communicate to donors. Not only are we asking folks to give financially, we’re also learning how to better communicate with alumni across generations.”