College experimenting with 'J-Term' during winter break

Marietta College students have a new opportunity during winter break this year. In January, select courses are being offered in what the College has named "J-Term."

This term was created after the college moved its spring semester ahead in order to set a new graduation date. Once the graduation date was set, there was a three-week gap in the beginning of January, so college officials decided they would experiment with offering courses.

"I think this is a wonderful opportunity for students to have some unique academic experiences in a different location covering subjects related to culture as well as special topics sometimes not covered during the regular academic year," said Dr. Sue DeWine, Marietta College's provost. "I would encourage students to take a close look at what we are offering during J-Term. It's a chance to get ahead in terms of credit hours while taking courses on interesting topics in a unique environment."

Students will have the opportunity to take courses in Hilton Head, S.C., New York, Thailand, or Spain over the last three weeks of winter break. Each class will be worth three credit hours, and will be taught by a member of the College's faculty.

A select group of highly qualified and highly motivated students who are majoring in communication and media studies, or English will have a chance to improve their nonfiction or article writing skills while attending a workshop in Hilton Head. This workshop, led by Dr. Jack Hillwig, chair of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, and Dr. Beverly Hogue, assistant professor of English, runs Jan. 4-23.

The course, which can be taken as either English 302 (creative nonfiction) or Mass 308 (article writing), will focus on the abundant writing and storytelling opportunities that Hilton Head provides. Students will also travel to surrounding areas such as Beaufort, S.C., and Savannah, Ga., to get ideas for stories, and meet with well–known writers in the area.

Dr. Don Carpenetti, assistant professor of chemistry, is taking a group of students 21 and older to the Watkins Glen region of New York where they will study the science and art behind winemaking. Students will attend lectures on the winemaking process, the chemistry of fermentation, and the positive and negative effects of alcohol on the body. Students will also learn about proper dining etiquette and wine selection. In order to enroll students must be 21 by the first day of class on Jan. 15, 2006.

Students are also being offered an opportunity to attend a leadership seminar abroad from Jan. 2-16 in Thailand. MC students will begin working with students from Bangkok University online during the fall semester, and will continue working with them in person in January. The students will work to complete a group project focusing on an aspect of human leadership and how it impacts contemporary Thailand. Dr. Daniel Huck, assistant professor of leadership, will lead the seminar.

Dr. Richard Danford, assistant professor of Spanish, is offering students the opportunity to spend almost three weeks in Spain while learning about its civilizations and cultures, and how they have shaped modern Spanish society. Topics will also include physical and human geography, anthropology, history, religion, politics, languages, and the arts. Students will be required to attend a meeting to discuss academic content before leaving.