College police officers commissioned by Washington County Sheriff

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks commissioned eight members of the Marietta College Police Department as Reserve Deputy Sheriffs during a special ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 24.


Marietta College Police Officers are certified Peace Officers through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission and all have completed the 600-hour Peace Officers Basic Training Academy (OPOTA) allowing them to be police officers in any jurisdiction across the State of Ohio.


“Before my first day on the job at Marietta College, Sheriff Mincks made contact with me and offered guidance and advice,” said College Police Chief Tom Saccenti. “He has been a friend of our department and a great resource.”


The Reserve Deputy Sheriff position is a fully commissioned Peace Officer position allowing Campus Police Officers to volunteer and patrol at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and patrol the county, assist with the Washington County Fair, or work crime scenes.


“We currently have three officers who are OPOTA certified Evidence Technicians and three who are completing their Master Evidence Technician course through OPOTA,” Saccenti said. “This should be a great resource for the Sheriff’s Office to use for major scenes, freeing up a road deputy to respond to calls.”


The union of the two agencies will not only benefit the Sheriff’s Office by providing volunteers to assist when needed, Saccenti said it will also benefit his department.


“We have highly trained police officers. Each officer completes more than 100 hours of training a year at OPOTA,” he said. “However, because of the nature of their position we don’t utilize much of the training on a daily basis. By working at the Sheriff’s Office we can keep those skills fresh so that when we need to use them on campus they will come naturally to us.”


Additionally, Saccenti said the College Police Department is working on policies to allow new Campus Police Officers to complete 80 hours of their field training time with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Saccenti said this will allow the officers to experience county procedures such as filing charges and booking procedures that they would not normally get a chance to experience during a traditional campus FTO process.