College ready to welcome students back for spring semester

Following one of the longest holiday breaks in Marietta College history, more than 1,300 students should be raring to go when classes resume on Monday, Jan. 23.

By the time the first class takes roll on Monday, students and faculty will have enjoyed 44 days away from campus.

"It has been a nice, long break. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my first semester in college and to recharge," said freshman Jennifer Howell, of Marietta, who is majoring in early childhood education. "But I am also ready to get back to classes. A number of students who I have spoken with also are ready to get back on campus and get the semester going."

The extended winter break was added this year in an effort to kick-start the new J-term. Only two of the four offered courses ended up being held. However, the College's administration believes it is a step in the right direction. In fact, the College has the same winter break scheduled for the 2006-07 academic year to encourage more courses during J-term.

"Students are coming back to some renovated classroom space on campus that will enhance their education experience. The Edwy R. Brown Petroleum Building is the most dramatic. I can't wait to get the students' reactions to the change in this building for the petroleum engineering program," said Provost Sue DeWine. "Education and Psychology have also benefited, to a smaller degree, in having two of their main classrooms renovated. I think students will find these environments much more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to learn in.