Coming this Fall: Free personal safety app

safety-appMarietta College Campus Police announced today that it will provide students, faculty, administrators and staff with a state-of-the-art personal safety app, starting in August.

The app is designed to help Campus Police minimize response times during both emergency and routine security/safety situations.

Developed by NowForce, a maker of mobile and cloud-based rapid emergency response solutions, the Marietta personal safety app will contain an SOS (panic) button, and the ability to report an incident through a “see something, say something” functionality.

Students will be able to use the app to request escorts or report security incidents (i.e. thefts, assaults, suspicious persons), medical emergencies and a host of other issues, according to Chief James Weaver of the Marietta College Campus Police.

The Campus Police make a formal announcement when the system goes live, at which point students can register and then download the application either from the App Store or Google Play. Users without smartphones (or with non-iOS or Android phones) will also be able to access the app through a mobile or desktop web browser.