Dining Services leader part of Wolfgang Puck’s celebrity chefs

Belinda Swartz, interim Director of Dining Services for Chartwells at Marietta College, is involved in preparing three meals a day for more than 1,000 people each time.

She’s also organized big campus events such as Homecoming, but none of it compares to being part of Wolfgang Puck’s catering team for after-Oscar dinner at the Governor’s Ball.

“It was incredible being part of the team of professional chefs at such a large event,” Swartz says.

Approximately 1,600 people feasted at the top level of the Hollywood and Highland complex following the 81st Academy Awards in Hollywood.

“It was a three-course meal, so that means we had 4,800 plates!” Swartz says.

Swartz’ group of chefs prepared the salads. “Because it was such a complicated salad—12 components—it took quite some time and skill to execute. The salad was the highlight of the meal,” she says.


This was Swartz’ third trip to California to be a part of Puck’s team.

“This event is a great way for me to keep up on new trends in catering, not to mention great chef experience,” Swartz says.

Possibly the only downside to the experience was Swartz didn’t have any special “star moments” to share.

“Just star chef Wolfgang Puck, he was enough for me!” she says. “I was invited to Cleveland early this summer while I was out there to help with a benefit dinner that Puck’s team has coming up, what an honor!”