Evans Internship Endowment awarded to Lydia Jones ’18

Lydia Jones headshot

While many other students may find themselves behind an office desk this summer, Lydia Jones ’18 (Chagrin Falls, Ohio) will be spending her time outside completing and monitoring wells in the Marcellus Shale.

A double major in Geology and Petroleum Engineering, Jones is excited to be interning as a completions and productions intern with XTO Energy, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, in Warrendale, Pennsylvania.

She was also thrilled to recently learn she is the recipient of the 2016 Robert Evans Internship Endowment.

“This endowment will greatly help me over the summer,” Jones said. “The area I’m living in is a suburb of Pittsburgh and is a little pricey, so it will take away a lot of financial stresses to have the extra help with covering my rent. This is also my first time living alone so I’ll use this endowment toward the costs of furnishing an apartment, buying groceries and just being an independent adult.”

Denise and Mike Salvino ’87 established the Evans Internship in the spring of 2010 through a gift to honor Evans and recognize his substantial contributions to Marietta College and the McDonough Leadership Program. The program awards $5,000 to one qualified rising junior or senior who participates in an approved internship in a for-profit organization, specifically a major national or global organization.

The $5,000 can be used for relocation, travel, housing, meals, related equipment purchases and other living expenses. Eligible applicants can be in any undergraduate major with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

While her coursework has prepared her well, the experiences Jones will garner through her internship will be invaluable preparation for her professional career.

“There’s such a difference between how you imagine things to be from learning about them in the classroom and experiencing them out in the industry and in the field,” she said.

Working alongside operations engineers and field personnel to complete Marcellus wells, Jones said she will gain experience and an understanding of all phases of completing wells, from hydraulic fracturing, to coil tubing operations and snubbing tubing into the wells.

After four to six weeks completing these tasks, she will transition to work alongside the engineers and production foreman to monitor the wells that are currently producing. Jones said through this work and exposure, she will learn all about production surveillance, well optimization and troubleshooting, and the various pieces of production equipment they have on site.

“It will be my first big step in preparing for life after college because it will be my first time out on a site learning what everything really looks like and how it works,” she said.

Jones is looking forward to going out on well sites and into the “real world.”

“This is a huge new step in my life and will bring me one step closer to life after graduation,” she said. “I can’t wait to work with XTO Energy and see how everything I have learned so far at Marietta College can be applied to my internship, especially how producing and completing wells relates to both of my majors. It will definitely be an exciting summer filled with new experiences.”

Hilles Hughes, Marietta’s Director of the Career Center, said the College is fortunate to have an endowed internship program.

“It definitely proves that our alumni value the role experiential education plays in a contemporary liberal arts education,” Hughes said.