Hartel Program helps students aid local non-profit organizations

During the spring semester 22 Marietta College students were able to learn more about marketing and promotions thanks to funding from both the Hartel Program for Social Activism and Change and Freshman Retention and the Office of Civic Engagement.

The students came from either the Writing for Public Relations or Junior Graphic Design courses and they each chose to work on one of four different projects with local non-profit organizations.

Heidi Schiele ’12 (Zanesville, Ohio) was part of the Harvest of Hope group and said she really enjoyed the experience.

“This project was definitely a valuable project for me because I now have the experience working with a real organization and also legitimate work to add to my portfolio,” Schiele said. “I think the project was also valuable for Harvest of Hope because they now have our pieces to help promote their organization at no cost to them.”

Dr. Jane Dailey, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies, applied for the Hartel Grant in the spring and was awarded the maximum amount of funding. “For our project we received $800 to help pay for public relations materials created for the four organizations. This went mostly toward paying for printing and publication of materials.”

Dr. Mary Barnas, McCoy Professor of Psychology, is in charge of reviewing Hartel Grant requests.

“One of the main objectives of the Hartel Program is to promote social activism and change. I felt that this project was very worthy as it supported these local, nonprofit agencies who otherwise would not be able to promote their organizations in such a professional way,” Barnas said. “It was a great way for the student’s to get real world professional experience while helping the community at the same time.”

In order to promote the organizations, students were divided into groups that were chosen based on each individual’s interests. These groups then provided portfolio packets to their clients, including informational brochures, press releases, fliers and new logos.

The organizations that the students worked with were Harvest of Hope, the Marietta Sluggers, Marietta Family YMCA and Daily Bread Kitchen. Students worked in groups to develop the portfolio packets that would help promote the various organizations goals of healthier living, physical activity for the youth of the community and hunger prevention.

Paige Bucher ’12 (Cardington, Ohio) chose her group based on past experiences.

“I was in the YMCA group because I was involved with the organization when I was younger and thought it would be a fun organization to work with,” Bucher said. 

Dailey said a project like this is importance to the development and growth of the College’s students.

“The goal of this service project is to provide students with real world experience and show how the fields of public relations and graphic design work together to produce quality materials for a client,” Dailey said.