HOBY selects Marietta College to host 2017 Ohio South Seminar

President Ruud signing the official HOBY documents


Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), a national organization dedicated to training young leaders, has selected Marietta College as the site for its 2017 Ohio South Seminar. President William Ruud and LeAnne Gompf, Corporate Board President of Ohio South Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership, officially signed the deal on Wednesday, December 7th.

Approximately 200 high school sophomores from around Ohio convene on campus from June 7-11, 2017. During the seminar, students will recognize their leadership talents and apply them to become effective and ethical leaders. Student participants, called HOBY Ambassadors, will hear from motivational speakers and participate in a community service project.

“The organizers of HOBY Ohio South had many attractive options to choose from, and we are excited and honored that they selected Marietta College,” said Dr. William N. Ruud, Marietta College’s President. “We look forward to being a partner with HOBY, and the entire campus community is thrilled that we get to welcome these intelligent and driven young men and women.”

Participants will also take part in interactive panels and activities, meet leaders from around Ohio and explore their own leadership skills while learning how to lead others and make a positive impact in their community.

Hugh O' Brian, an American actor, started the seminar in 1958 with one goal: To seek out, recognize and develop leadership potential among the nation’s youth. He wanted to teach students how to think, not what to think.

At the end of the seminar, ambassadors are challenged to complete 100 hours of volunteer work in their communities. HOBY has 70 seminars nationwide and HOBY ambassadors have performed more than 3 million hours of volunteer service.

“The HOBY Leadership Seminar will provide each participant an opportunity to interact with dynamic leaders from business, government, education and other professions,” said Dr. Gama Perruci, Dean of the McDonough Center for Leadership & Business. “Many of our McDonough Scholars were once HOBY Ambassadors, so now we will be meeting future Marietta College Pioneers and it’s an opportunity for us to showcase what McDonough is and does.”

The program does not promote any specific political party, religion or way of thinking — but it does work to develop critical thinking skills by actively involving participants in discussions and informal debate.