Japanese Woodblock Prints to be featured in College’s Gallery 310

gallery-310Marietta College’s Art Department is presenting Pattern and Place: Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Dr. Richard Krause Collection, in Gallery 310 starting on Friday, Feb. 19.

There will be a private opening reception on the third floor of the Hermann Fine Arts Center. The exhibition will remain up for public viewing until April 16.

The collection is a group of prints from the Marietta College permanent collection. From 1615-1868, the Edo period, is often considered the high point in Japanese woodblock printing, known as the ukiyo-e period. Ukiyo-e, “pictures of the floating world,” as stated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, most frequently depicts seductive courtesans and exciting kabuki actors. With time, their subject matter expanded to include famous romantic vistas and eventually, in the final years of the 19th century, dramatic historical events. These pictures could be made in great quantity and featured popular scenes that appealed, in particular, to the wealthy citizens of the period.

The Asian art collection at Marietta College developed largely through the generous gifts of Krause ’47, a strong proponent of the liberal arts education.

Gallery 310 was established to provide the College with a secure and first-class exhibition space, which allows the Art Department the ability to present diverse and stimulating exhibitions, which will enrich the artistic culture and education of the campus, community, and region. 

Gallery 310 supports teaching, learning, and exploration in the liberal arts through rotating exhibitions and related programs. Gallery 310 is a place for intellectual curiosity, shared programming with the greater campus community, and a teaching space for students looking to enhance his/her experience for future careers in gallery and museum related fields.

Gallery hours are noon to 4 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday, noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, or by appointment.

For more information: Jolene Powell at powelll@marietta.edu or (740) 376-4460.