Last-minute tips for the Class of 2015

Like most incoming freshman, Wes Riley ’15 (Marietta, Ohio) is beginning to prepare for his first semester at Marietta College.

“I am looking forward to having some freedom and independence in my life, it will be very interesting to not be under my parents watch for the first time,” Riley said.

This is the time of year that incoming freshman begin to realize that in a few short weeks they will be starting a new life. In their excitement, they sometimes overlook necessary steps to prepare for college life.

Freshman Move-In Day begins at 9 a.m., Aug. 25, and the traditional Matriculation Ceremony is Sunday, Aug. 28. All classes begin on Monday, Aug. 29.


Ellen Campbell, Assistant Dean of Students, has some advice for incoming freshman on how to stay prepared for this transition while still enjoying it.


“At this point students should be thinking of last-minute preparations that need to be finished before school,” Campbell said. “These might include reading the required book for orientation, or contacting a roommate about who is bringing what to the room.”


These steps are important but Campbell also thinks students need to enjoy their last few weeks with friends and family at home so they are ready for the experience of starting college.


“Come to Marietta with an open mind so you can make lots of new friends and get involved with new activities,” Campbell said.


The problem new students face is how to balance this newfound freedom with the academic responsibility of classes.


All students, particularly freshman need to realize that other activities take away from academic time. Riley, who will be playing on the soccer team and majoring in Petroleum Engineering, understands this is a great responsibility.


“I’m looking forward to playing soccer again, but I’m a little nervous about my grades,” Riley said. “Having 18 credit hours and playing a sport is going to be challenging but I’m sure that if I manage my time I will succeed.”


Other freshmen will get involved in a variety of activities ranging from theatre, Greek life, intramurals, or the band.


Incoming freshmen face a number of difficult transitions, but thankfully they have a faculty and staff more than willing to help them anyway they can.

“Marietta is a great place to attend school and the faculty, staff and administration are ready for the Class of 2015 to arrive,” Campbell said. “Take each day as it comes and be sure to make everyday a great day to be a Pioneer!”