Leadership Program part of New York Times pilot program

The New York Times, one of the most respected and recognizable newspapers in the United States, has teamed up with Marietta College and one of its faculty members to be part of a pilot program this fall.


Dr. Gama Perruci, Interim Provost, believes “The Gray Lady” will serve as a valuable educational tool for first-year students and McDonough Scholars.


“It’s an exciting concept, and I think leadership and First-Year programs will respond well to it,” says Perruci, who is also the Dean of the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business. “We’re always looking for current events to discuss in class and relate them to the leadership concepts that we are covering in our courses. The New York Times then will offer great case studies from news events.”


Perruci says The Times asked him to serve as a consultant to help them launch a new initiative called “The New York Times in the First Year.” It is focused on the use of the newspaper in the classroom as a pedagogical tool for undergraduate leadership programs and First-Year programs at colleges and universities in the United States.


“They flew me in to New York for a meeting in the newspaper’s headquarters,” Perruci says. “I had a chance to meet the staff working on this project as well as another faculty consultant who will work on the team.”


The initiative is part of “The New York Times in College” program, and it will be launched in August and will run through the fall semester as a pilot.


Undergraduate courses will use the newspaper in class as a way to draw student discussion in four different areas—global awareness, leadership, civic engagement and diversity.


Perruci says the consulting team will develop daily discussion questions for use by the participating faculty in the classroom.


“As a consultant, I will be helping the project staff develop the Leadership page on the initiative web site,” he says. “This page will give faculty additional resources, readings, and web sites to expand their knowledge of Leadership as an academic field of study."


The College Program offers The New York Times to the higher education community at its lowest available rates, delivering the newspaper to faculty and student homes, university departments, college bookstores and other campus locations.


The Times has also worked with colleges and universities to provide journalists on campus or through a webcast to discuss a current topic.