Management journal selects Marietta professor’s paper for publication

John Fazio headshot

Marietta College’s Assistant Professor of Management John Fazio co-authored a paper that has been recently approved for publication in the journal Management Decision. 

The paper is titled “The Role of Affective Commitment in the Relationship Between Social Support and Turnover Intention.”

“The co-authors and I wanted to explore how employees’ willingness to remain members of an organization influences the relation between their belief that the employer values their contribution and cares about their well-being and the employees’ intention to turnover (quit),” Fazio said.

Fazio and the co-authors also sought to compare employees’ perception of support from their supervisor to their perceptions of the organization as a whole.

“We found that employees’ commitment to remain members of the organizations did reduce their intent to turnover when they have a perception of support from supervisors, but this commitment had no significant effect on the relation between employees’ perception of support from the organization and their turnover intention,” Fazio said.

The study’s finding could potentially influence a wide variety of organizations

“The primary implication for management is that focusing on increasing employees’ perception of organizational support and commitment is not enough to reduce turnover,” Fazio said. “Management should also appreciate the role of the supervisor and endeavor to enhance and communicate supervisor support to employees.”

For Fazio, publication in a peer-reviewed journal is meaningful because it’s a validation of his dissertation work.

Fazio also believes acquiring publication will strengthen his work as a professor.

“It will enhance my teaching at Marietta College since the management literature tends to under emphasize the direct role of the immediate supervisor,” he said.