Marietta College-Marietta Morning Rotary reading camp begins June 9

More than 100 children are participating in the 20th annual Marietta College-Marietta Morning Rotary summer reading camp that runs from Monday, June 9 until Friday, June 27.

The campers will be on Marietta College's campus from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday. Established in 1989, the camp is provided annually for the community by Marietta College. The Marietta Morning Rotary Club sponsors the reading camp. Marietta Morning Rotary Club has sponsored the reading camp since 1995 with fundraisers to provide scholarships for students that are recommended to the reading camp by their schools. Rotarians also volunteer at the camp.

The summer reading camp is at full capacity, 108 students, with a waitlist. Fifteen Marietta College graduate and undergraduate education students will run the camp to help address reading difficulties and provide literacy enhancement activities. The camp benefits Marietta College education majors because it allows for practicum experience to fulfill graduation requirements.

"It's a project we do as a service to the local community as well as a hands on clinical experience for the education students," Dr. Dottie Erb, education department chair said.

Children work in small groups with the undergraduate and graduate students who are working toward completing the requirements necessary for a teacher license in reading.