Marietta College produces first visual identity style guideline system

Marietta College President Dr. Jean A. Scott is pleased to announce the College has developed its first standard graphic identity program, which was created to provide a consistent approach to logo use in marketing and communication.

The initiative, which took approximately one year of campus interviews, design, comments, and standards development for both print and electronic formats, was officially unveiled today (Oct. 12, 2006).

"A standard graphic identity program that includes visual identity guidelines was created to bring new consistency to the look and feel of the College's communications materials," Scott said. "A unified graphic presentation benefits all of us by establishing a clear and direct association between Marietta College, our many and varied components and our significant achievements and accomplishments."

The College's most prominent symbols - Tower logo and official seal - represent Marietta's identity. Marietta officials believe when they are used appropriately, they provide a visual expression of the College's commitment to quality and service.

The new guidelines outline the proper use of Marietta College's symbols. The guidelines also detail the correct use of the College's colors.

"The purpose of the guidelines is to specify the policies and procedures concerning the use of the Marietta College name and all official symbols that identify it," said Tom Perry, director of College Relations. "The guidelines were also designed to ensure that the College is promoted in a formalized, professional and standardized manner and to protect the marks from infringement."

Perry added that the official identity Website address is: On the site are downloadable versions of the style guide and editorial reference guide. The reference guide is also available on the site through an easily accessible indexed online version.

"This is a great place for someone on campus or an outside vendor to start if they have questions about the new guidelines. The College Relations staff is also available to help interpret the guidelines for a particular project. We are also making available compact disks with the logo, guidelines, etc."

The new guidelines apply to all departments on campus except athletics, which has its own graphic standards that were developed in 2004.

For more information, please contact Tom Perry at (740) 376-4408 or by email.