Marietta College sends 12 students to World Year of Physics event

Marietta College's Department of Physics faculty recently accompanied 12 students to the World Year of Physics event at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

The event was titled "Einstein's Legacy - Science, Technology & Culture through the 21st Century," and was conducted at Severance Hall.

Joining faculty members Stanley Radford, Dennis Kuhl and Craig Howald were Rose Bao, Chuck Flanagan, Hagen Friend, Glenn Hollandsworth, Elisabeth Kager, Kevin Knoll, Harrison Potter, Meredith Rogers, William Sears, Elizabeth Smith, Daniel Stanley and Carl Starkey.

The event included four internationally known figures, including two Nobel Laureates, and two best-selling authors, who led a discussion on the impact of Einstein, and the science that followed him, on all aspects of the modern world.

Walter Issacson led a discussion on "Einstein and Franklin: Great Minds Don't Think Alike," while Harold Varmus spoke on "What Physics and Einstein have done for Biology and Medicine."

That was followed with "The Origin of Mass and the Feebleness of Gravity," by Frank Wilczek, and then Lawrence Krauss' "Einstein's Biggest Blunder? A Cosmic Mystery Story."

The moderator was Ira Flatow, host of "Science Friday" on National Public Radio.