Marietta professor receives Outstanding Teacher Educator Award

Dottie Erb headshot

Dr. Dottie Erb, Professor of Education at Marietta College, has received the Outstanding Teacher Educator Award from the Ohio Association of Colleges of Teacher Education.

Erb, who chairs Marietta’s Education Department, is on the executive board and is a past president of the Ohio Association of Private Colleges of Teacher Education. She is also a trustee of the Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, a founding member of the Southeast Ohio Professional Development Collaborative, and a member of the board of examiners for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

“The award is based on my leadership across the state in the area of teacher education,” she said.

Under Erb’s leadership, Marietta College’s Education program has been recognized by the Ohio Board of Regents as one of the top performing teacher preparation programs in Ohio, and awarded the College an Ohio Educator Preparation Program Performance Grant ($175,000).

Dr. Carole Hancock, Associate Professor of Education, said her colleague is a tireless worker for the professional development of teacher educators.

“When I attend meetings with her she is recognized by conference attendees and leaders in the field and they stop to talk or seek her opinion. They know about our program and that she gets things done,” Hancock said. “We got to be one of the top teacher education programs in the state because of her leadership. She allows us to be creative, encourages innovation, and does her best to get us the resources we need to do our jobs. She stays abreast of the policies, legislation, and trends in the field and positions us to take advantage of grant opportunities.”