Marietta ranks among best schools on new Social Mobility Index

social-mobilityMarietta College has been included among the best schools on the new Social Mobility Index (SMI) survey, which is co-sponsored by CollegeNet and PayScale.

The SMI ranking emphasizes economic mobility and the extent that a college or university helps its students with family incomes below the national median to improve their social and economic standing.

Marietta placed 334th overall among the 539 schools with a SMI ranking of 26.84. The top school in the survey was Montana Tech of the University of Montana. (The full rankings can be found on SMI’s website)

The survey’s methodology incorporated five weighted variables: published tuition, percent of student body whose families are below the U.S. median income, graduation rate, reported median salary 0-5 years after graduation, and endowment. The survey specifically did not incorporate reputations based upon the opinions of faculty or administrators regarding social or economic mobility, as it would “perpetuate the biases and stereotypes collected in such surveys.”

According to the survey 23.12 percent of Marietta students are considered “low income.” The salary for Marietta graduates who are defined as “full-time employees with five years of experience or less in their career or field working in the U.S. who hold a bachelor’s degree and no higher degrees,” is $43,900.