McDonough bloggers sharing experience with students on campus

headshots of Gabe Crowe and Kayleigh Fisher

Students in Global Leadership (LEAD 203) will get the chance to hear about the real-world application of their curriculum as two McDonough Scholars serve as “McDonough Worldwide Bloggers” during the Spring 2017 semester.

“The McDonough Worldwide Blogging is a program that allows McDonough Scholars to blog while studying abroad,” said Dr. Gama Perruci, Dean of McDonough. “We have selected two students who will have very diverse experiences in different parts of the world.”

Michael “Gabe” Crowe ’18 (New Springfield, Ohio) will blog from Germany while Kayleigh Fisher ’18 (Marion, Ohio) will blog from China.  

Perruci said the program is held in the spring to coincide with Global Leadership. Students enrolled in the course will follow the blogs and comment on posts.

Having both taken the course, Crowe and Fisher are familiar with the curriculum and what students in the class are learning.

“That allows them to write posts that are directly related to our Global Leadership course content,” Perruci said. “This program gives our students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the world through interactions with bloggers who are having first-hand experiences abroad.”

It is the personal impact of such first-hand experiences that Crowe hopes to convey through his blog posts.

“I feel like the blog provides a great insight into a culture you can’t just read about in a book,” he said. “You can’t open a book and have a personal experience that changes you like it can when you are actually here, and the blog allows me to express how this experience is changing me and my mindset about other cultures.”

For Fisher, the program offers her the chance to reflect on her experiences abroad and how things differ compared to being back home.

“I find that writing my blog posts has helped me formally evaluate my experience abroad,” she said. “I’ve become quite comfortable here already, so having a platform that not only allows me to, but forces me to think about the cultural differences, is really eye opening. I’ve also gotten to know lots of different kinds of people and everyone is taking in the new culture differently, so I want to explore that in my future blog posts.”

Students learn a great deal about different cultures and how leadership is practiced throughout them in Global Leadership.

For Crowe and Fisher, getting to immerse themselves in different cultures and actively experience what they have learned in class is an exciting educational opportunity.

“From talking to locals, to getting lost in a 500-year-old city with no service and nothing to rely on but speaking with locals and surpassing a language barrier, studying abroad changes the way you view mankind, and though LEAD 203 opens up our minds to the possibilities, my experience abroad so far has really cemented the concepts home. I hope to express that through my forum posts,” Crowe said.

Crowe and Fisher’s blogs can be found through the following links.

Gabe Crowe:

Kayleigh Fisher: