MC's Psychology Department receives funding from ODMH

Once again the Ohio Department of Mental Health has expressed its confidence in the Psychology Department at Marietta College.

Dr. Ryan May, who is an Assistant Professor and the Psychology Department internship coordinator, recently learned that Marietta has been awarded $36,848 over the next two years from the ODMH?s mental health residency and training programs for Ohio colleges and universities. This is the fifth consecutive time the ODMH has granted Marietta College money.

"This is a very rare thing for a school of our size to receive funding for an undergraduate internship program," said May, who holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. "This allows our students to go out and gain valuable experience working in the field. In the classroom we highlight the importance of integrating research and practice, and this allows them to go out in the field and more directly observe what we are teaching them."

The ODMH gives priority for funding to programs that stress training for professionals specifically to work with persons living with mental illness and receive services in the public mental health system.

"The grant funds a two-semester program," May said. "In the fall we teach an introduction to clinical psychology. In the spring the senior students are placed at a local facility for eight to 10 hours a week to gain experience. -- I think the ODMH is thrilled with how our program has worked, and it explains why we have been able to receive continuous funding."

May is also able to recruit more mental health sites in Appalachia, match up students with a location that meets their area of interest and provide more help to people with mental health needs.

May and the students also travel to a professional conference annually to destinations such as New Orleans, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

The ODMH says it, "has a long standing mandate to fund the training of mental health professionals, including psychiatric residents, psychology students, graduate-level nurses and social workers to serve adults and children who seek services through Ohio's public mental health system.