MC's Psychology Department wins 2006 Program Poster Competition

Marietta College's Psychology Department took top honors in the 2006 Council of Undergraduate Psychology Programs Creative Department or Program Poster Award Competition at the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) during the summer.

Drs. Mary Barnas, Ryan May and Mark Sibicky authored the poster, Using a State Mental Health Grant to Develop an Undergraduate Internship Program for Underserved Populations.

"We describe the acquisition of the State Mental Health Grant as one that has allowed us to develop and implement an undergraduate internship program," said May, an assistant professor and internship coordinator. "The positive impact that program has had on students, the community and the local mental health system is discussed along with suggestions concerning how other small departments might secure similar funding."

Marietta's psychology program provides students with a first-class education and training. The faculty place an emphasis on psychology as a research-based discipline and their goal is to prepare students for advanced doctoral level training in any subfield of psychology, or to provide students with the training and skills to seek employment in a career related to the field of psychology.

MC's psychology program also offers a five-year program that includes both a bachelor's and master's degree.

"Our department is very proud of the unique internship opportunities that we provide," May said. "As the only small college in Ohio receiving similar funding from the Ohio Department of Mental Health, MC students are able to participate in a quality internship program that they may not be able to at a peer institution."