Political Science professor presenting China Case Study in October

Dr. Jacqueline DeLaat, a McCoy Professor of Political Science at Marietta College, is presenting a case study, "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" at the annual meeting of the International Academy for Case Studies, in Las Vegas from Oct. 12-16.

A previous case study of DeLaat's won an award from this group in 1995.

The current case study centers on the career of a Chinese scholar-diplomat whom DeLaat interviewed in depth on a visit to China in 2001. It explores gender roles and professional life for professional women in China in recent decades.

"This is my first gender case set in an international context, so I am very anxious to get the feedback of other case study writers," DeLaat said. "The case is scheduled to be published in the second edition of my book, 'Gender Issues in the Workplace: A Case Study Approach.' The manuscript is due next summer, so the timing of this presentation is perfect."

DeLaat also expressed gratitude for the help of MC Associate Professor Dr. Luding Tong in providing background for the case. "One of the advantages of doing scholarship in a community like ours is that we have real collegiality across disciplinary boundaries; in the case of my work, which draws upon many disciplines, this support is invaluable," DeLaat said.