Graphic Design professor teaches former student’s high school class

Sara Alway Rosenstock teaching

Teaching graphic design to students at Trinity High School in Garfield Heights, Ohio, Sean Kenny ’12 believes many of his pupils have grasped the concepts and techniques.

However, he recently turned to one of his former Marietta College art professors — Sara Alway Rosenstock — to provide additional context for the material he has been teaching.

“Sara and I have been keeping in touch and she suggested that she could come speak to my classes to teach them subject material that is relevant to what they are learning in my classes,” Kenny said. “I have been trying to provide valuable experiences for my design students, such as field trips and visitors.”

During her visit, Alway Rosenstock taught the students about information design.

“This was a great opportunity to familiarize young designers with an area of visual communication that often gets overlooked,” she said. “The students were fun to work with — providing comic relief and helpful feedback to their peers. I was able to teach them targeted communication skills, as well as some software tricks that made their process less arduous.”

The students put the information gleaned from the lecture into practice as they designed graphics for mobile apps they wish existed.

“As a class, they tried to guess what their peers' app graphics represented, then they voted on which ones were the most visually effective,” Kenny said. “It was truly a fun and amazing experience for them to learn graphic design from a college professor, and I am truly grateful that Sara took the time to venture to Cleveland to teach my students. It has been beneficial to keep in touch with her. She has provided me with great feedback about what I am currently teaching and gives me incredible insights.”

Alway Rosenstock found the experience rewarding as well.

“Additionally, (the students) loved hearing about what type of student their teacher was when he was in college,” she said.