Puppies provide pep to 175 celebration with educational messages

It was only one hour, but the most recent 175th anniversary event went to the dogs.

The College’s Records Office and Office of Business and Administrative Services, who received a $990 grant from the College’s 175th Anniversary mini-grant committee, worked together to place about 60 wind-up puppies at the Kremer Amphitheatre—each one with a Marietta College fact attached to them on a paper bone.

The spectacle was a big hit with students and employees who happened to walk by from noon to 1 p.m., Tuesday, April 20.

“Although a few people walked by and just gave us strange looks, we had a great response from a lot of students and even a few faculty and staff. I heard ‘This made my day!’ more than once,” said Tina Perdue, Assistant Registrar and one of the organizers. “It was fun watching their reactions to some of the trivia, like the cost of tuition and housing in 1935 and the size of the first graduating class (four). Of course, several wanted to buy or adopt one of the dogs but we resisted their ‘puppy dog eyes’ and plan to send them on to charity as originally planned.”

The puppy trivia was the final even funded by the 175 grants. The College will close the yearlong celebration at Commencement on May 9.