Reflections of Legacy's foundational fans

Editor's note
Three students - biochemistry major Tyler Okel '08, education major Luke Haumesser '09 and studio art and graphics design double major Claire Reintgen '08 - spent the night of Oct. 4 outside the chain link fence that separates Marietta College's campus from the work site of the future Legacy Library. The trio documented their overnight journey, which was Luke's brainchild, in a personal journal. Here is their story:

The Chronicles of Concrete

Reflections of foundational fans Luke Haumesser '09, Claire Reintgen '08 and Tyler Okel '08

On the evening of October 4th, 2007, a group of students at Marietta College were determined to stay up all night to watch the concrete for the new Legacy Library be poured. This is a monumental night for the College, which deserves to be documented properly from the eyes of those witnessing it firsthand. This was not the only reasoning behind our mission for staying up all through the night. We believe that if these hardworking construction workers have to stay up all night and build our new library, then we the students should cheer them on and encourage them to continue on through the night. Below is our journal depicting our experiences and thoughts. Please enjoy the read and remember: No building can stand without the proper foundation.

5:03 p.m. - The concrete adventure has begun. Festivities took place right outside the construction site in front of Irvine Hall. Chartwells chef Walter Miller prepared food and CUB supplied music for all to listen to. It was a joyous occasion.

6:05 p.m. - The concrete trucks began to roll in one by one...our anticipation and excitement is growing.

7 p.m. to 9 p.m. - We took a quick break from the concrete pouring to participate in the open mic sponsored by CUB. Yes, we are aware that we did not stay the entire time, but open mic calls our name! However, once 9 p.m. rolled around, we notice that one of the trucks have broken down and pouring has been delayed. We are worried, but still have hope. Will the library be completed by 2009? Only time will tell.

10:14 p.m. - We set up camp in front of Irvine Hall right across from the historic moment. The Crew includes Luke Haumesser, Claire Reintgen a.k.a Rin-Tin-Tin, Tyler Okel, Justin Lintelman, Kyle Thauvette, and Michael Scalise. We have gathered supplies in order to make it through the long night. Such supplies include: A one-gallon jug of Arizona Iced Tea, one hammock, a notebook to write down thoughts, one camera for photographic evidence, companionship, and the motivation/excitement to watch concrete be poured all night.

10:36 p.m. - We see yet another concrete truck and Allison LaRocca as well as Bethany Bechtel join the fun. Also, an ambulance has also appeared on the site! The crew is very concerned for our heroes and hope it is just precaution. We get a close up look and notice that our construction workers are safe. We believe it was the hard hats that save their well-being. Stay strong men of the concrete. Also, we are thinking of spraying the rock. More to come.

11:11 p.m. - Kyle Thauvette has disappeared. We feel sabotage is a-foot. Also, we have all decided to write poems about how much we love concrete and feel inspired by what is being done by the construction workers. We wish they were our dads. Another interesting tidbit: We have noticed a waterfall has appeared over yonder near the northeast wall. It is quite beautiful and really makes the concrete pour more special than it already is.

12:05 a.m. - About 35 minutes ago we lost some members of the concrete crew. Kyle Thauvette, Mike Scalise, and Justin Lintelman left due to academic reasons. However, our sadness was soon turned to happiness and joy when Papa Johns arrived with the pizza we ordered. Ashley Wollam also paid a visit and is going to join the cause to support our construction workers working endlessly through the night. Allison and Bethany have begun to play card games, while Claire and Tyler started playing badminton. We have not moved from out original position located at the picnic table next to Irvine Hall. Construction is moving along very nicely as about 40 percent of the designated area have been completed. Will our heroes be able to complete their goal in the 12-hour time limit? Will we continue to triumph over sleep? Will my tum-tum continue to hurt after eating all that pizza?

1:07 a.m. - In the past hour we have lost more members to the demon sleep. It seems as if classes and exams hold a more important obligation than others. Allison and Beth have left to go to sleep, while only Claire, Tyler and Luke remain. Even though we have lost two members, the one and only Chad Byers has stopped by to pay a visit. The four of us watched them pour concrete for upwards of 45 minutes, while pictures were taken. In order to make concrete more appealing than what it already is, we decided to start the Concrete Pouring Fantasy Worker Draft. Each of us selected an individual construction worker and observed their working pattern. We took their pattern and gave points to one another based on their performance. Tyler is currently in the lead by one point. Claire is not happy, but determined to prevail over sleep. Luke is staying strong and will accomplish his goal of staying up all night to watch the concrete be poured.

1:14 a.m. - Construction update: About half of the construction area has been completed and one of the workers has fallen into the concrete up to his waist. It was pretty sweet. Much to his relief and rescue, his fellow workers quickly stepped in and saved him from peril, and a concrete grave. Also, a thought has occurred in our tired minds. Will the new Legacy Library be referred as the Double L?...just a thought. Discuss amongst yourselves.

2:18 a.m. - We just finished painting the rock with the help of Brian Ashton and Heather Boomer. Shortly after the painting came to a conclusion, Jenna Zdravecky and Sergio Fajardo appeared mysteriously from the bushes. It gave us quite a scare, but a large amount of hope. We offered pizza as a sign of truce and then laughs were shared. Regarding construction, about 75 percent of the concrete mission has been completed and I feel their 12-hour goal is very well in reach. Another important event regarding construction, the elevator shaft has had concrete leak into it. The construction workers are working endlessly to solve this problem. The second issue that is being faced is that the wall caused a 45-minute delay in construction. It began to buckle and concrete pouring came to a halt, while engineers worked to brace it. The whole fate of the library was almost compromised and left many dreams to be crushed. P.S.: we're noticing that the people from the bar crew are appearing left and right to join our adventure into the concrete world.

3:04 a.m. - A monumental event has occurred. This past hour will most likely be considered our finest hour. Not only have we been blessed with nine continuous hours of concrete pouring, but the initials of your three chroniclers will be forever emblazoned within the foundation of the Legacy Library. That's right, we are part of Marietta College history. Fifty years from now the initials C.E.R, L.C.H, and T.A.O will continue to hold the foundation of the library together. Our spirits will echo through the walls of the library and help motivate and guide minds through our courageous endeavors this October night so many years ago. None of this would have ever been possible if Fred Smith, director of Physical Plant, had not come to our viewing window to have a conversation and so graciously agree to enshrine our perseverance, school spirit, pride, dedication, plain stupidity, and legacy within the library. Thank you Fred Smith, you will forever hold a dear place in our hearts. P.S. Luke has been charging his laptop in a bush. It smells of pine and chipmunk. You know, by the Christy Mall sign.

4:00 a.m. - Here are some point updates regarding our Construction Worker Fantasy Draft: Claire and Tyler are currently tied for first place with eight points, while Luke's worker has seven points and disappeared from the construction site. We hope he did not have an accident in the concrete. This has been somewhat of an uneventful hour as Tom Gray joined us to throw around the Frisbee. One of the highlights of the Frisbee adventure was that Luke dove into one of the bushes in order to retrieve the disc. This completely idiotic act resulted in cuts and scrapes, as well as our second injury of the night. Slightly disillusioned due to lack of sleep and sheer excitement of concrete pouring, he thought that the bushes looked like a bed, rather than awaiting pain. May it be noted close to 90 percent of the pour has been completed and it is only a matter of time until they are finished. Tom Gray has left as we await the sunrise and the start to a new day.

4:49 a.m. - Fred Smith kept his promise to us three concrete pioneers. At 4:21 a.m., we witnessed our initials engraved into the concrete being poured. The sight almost brought tears to our eyes as we watched C.E.R, L.C.H, and T.A.O make their way into the foundation of the Legacy Library. Now, to update on our Construction Worker Fantasy Draft, Claire and Luke are tied for first with 12 points each, while Tyler only trails by one with 11. This will be an exciting end to our adventure to see who comes away as the winner. The construction appears to be about 98 percent complete and we are counting down to it coming to an end. The three of us are not quite sure what will happen when all of this is finally over, but somehow we will find a way to move on.

5:30 a.m. - It's happened. It really happened. I am not lying. It happened. The construction workers have finished pouring and smoothing out the concrete. The official time of completion is 5:29.40 a.m. It was the most glorious moment the three of us have ever had the privilege to be part of. The final fantasy score was Tyler with 13 and Claire and Luke tied at 12. Thus, making Tyler the official winner of Construction Worker Fantasy Draft. Note to any future players of construction worker fantasy draft, make sure to choose the chain smoker. When the last worker left the area of concrete, Tyler, Claire, and Luke all broke into the chorus of "We Are the Champions" as made famous by Queen. For Marietta College truly is the champion of this moment.


In Conclusion, the past 12 hours have been filled with laughs, love, blood, sweat, and tears. The three of us have found ourselves at the end of an epic journey. While the construction workers have poured concrete all night, we poured our heart and soul in order to make this night a success. As the night comes to a close and the morning sun begins to rise, the concrete begins to set as does the memories we have acquired on this 5th of October 2007. Good luck and God bless.

A Haiku
The Concrete Was Poured
It is Legacy By Name
A Dream Has Been Born