Student Senate President sets goals for 2009-10

I know that Student Senate, as well as the student body, will have a great semester and work to make some positive changes this school year. During the summer, I had time to think about what needs to be accomplished on campus this year. While there is a lot that can be done for the students, it’s going to take serious work and dedication both from Senate and from the entire student body.

Let me first start off by saying that I’m really excited to be back on campus. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

It’s important to remember that if we want to make changes on campus, we must get involved ourselves. If everyone simply waits for, or expects, someone else to do it, results usually are below the expectations. I would really like to see more students get involved with Senate so we can have more diverse meetings and hear issues from students all around campus.

Some of the issues have already been brought to my attention from the end of last year that Senate will be working on this year. For starters, the recycling program is going great, and we’d love to see it continue in that direction. A way of doing this would be to place another recycling receptacle on the other side of campus near McDonough and the Admission House. This would benefit those students who live on Fourth Street, the sorority houses, and off campus housing as well. Senate is also open to any other ideas students might have, so please attend a meeting and voice your opinions.

The big challenge for this year is working to adjust the meal plan schedule so students can truly get their money’s worth. We hope to extend the breakfast and lunch periods so that those with class can still get their meals without losing them due to time constraints. For example, it would be nice to extend breakfast until 11:30 a.m. (with lunch still starting at 10:45) and extending lunch until 3:30 or 4 p.m. This is simply an idea and is not set in stone, but the Senate will have a committee working with the culinary staff to attempt to work out some sort of arrangement.

With your help, we are sure to have a wonderful 2009-10 school year. Once again, I invite everyone to attend our Student Senate meetings, which occur at 7 p.m. every Wednesday in the Emeritus Chamber (Third Floor) in Andrews Hall. Have a great semester, and see you around campus!