Thank You! Donors' generosity helps College surpass Marietta Fund goal

More than a year ago, when Brandee Norris and Angela Anderson began preparing a strategy on how to reach Marietta College’s ambitious $1.65 million Marietta Fund goal, there was something that put their minds at ease—Marietta College donors like a challenge.

Call it Pioneer Pride.

On June 30, after all of the checks were received and credit card transactions computed, the Advancement staff was pleased to announce they had exceeded the goal.

The final tally was $1,665,220 —a record high for Marietta College.

“We are ecstatic that with the support of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends we were able to reach this goal and we look forward to doing it again next year,” says Norris, Director of the Marietta Fund.

Here’s a look at the recent history of the Fund:

-- 2005-06: $1,075,196

-- 2006-07: $1,351,675

-- 2007-08: $1,526,539

-- 2008-09: $1,194,712

-- 2009-10: $1,557,055

-- 2010-11: $1,665,220

In addition to the dollars raised, overall participation is important as the College’s ability to obtain grants from corporations and foundations and it also impacts independent rankings from groups like U.S. News & World Report. Every gift, no matter the size makes a difference and we would not have been able to reach the $1.66 without everyone’s support.

Trustee Dale Wartluft ’63, Chairman of the Development Committee, says donors can’t forget how important the Marietta Fund is to the annual financial success of Marietta College.

“For the fifth straight year, our goal for this fund was significantly increased over that of the previous year, and because of the tremendous generosity of our alumni and friends, we still made it,” Wartluft says. “All Marietta Fund donors can rest assured, their contribution truly make a difference. On behalf of the Development Committee, a sincere thank you goes out to each of you.”

“Exceeding the aggressive $1.65M goal means that Marietta College ended the fiscal year in the black,” says Lori Lewis, Vice President for Advancement. “I am deeply grateful to our alumni and friends that gave generously to The Marietta Fund—their loyalty adds to the strength of Marietta College and to the quality of the education it offers to our students.”

Marietta Fund resources are targeted to areas of greatest need at the College and this flexibility maximizes their impact upon those areas that require particular attention.

“We are thrilled to reach The Marietta Fund Goal. Reaching the goal means so much to the continued success of Marietta College,” says Anderson, Director of Development. “Every gift is important and we wholeheartedly thank all the donors, large and small, for helping us meet the Annual Fund goal. We are already working to reach the goal again in 2012.”

The 2011-12 goal increases by an additional $50,000 to $1.7 million. All donations to The Marietta Fund from July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2012, will count toward that total. The continued and increased support from alumni and friends will be critical for the College to once again reach the goal.

Before looking ahead too far, it’s important to remember that everyone who made a difference in exceeding The Marietta Fund deserves a big “Thank you!”

“You should be proud! This is our own version of winning a championship,” says Dan Bryant, Vice President for Administration and Finance. “You did it! Many, many, many thanks!”