TSE partners with Marietta College to form the First ScriptU

Faculty member Rick Smith teaching in yellow shirt

In January, TSE Services, LLC and Marietta College announced the successful first semester activation of ScriptU as part of the Sports Management undergraduate degree program at Marietta College. ScriptU involves unique course material, designed by Rick Smith, Assistant Professor for Sports Management, focused on teaching proper live event production workflow and script building. Under the direction of Smith, sports management students will learn the ScriptPRO software as part of classroom assignments to better prepare them for a career in sports.

In the fall 2016 semester, Smith’s sports facility and event management course piloted the agreement. As part of the coursework, the students were provided access to TSE ScriptPRO, an industry leading software used by over 300 professional sports organizations and university athletic programs around the world to streamline the building, executing, and reporting of live event scripts/rundowns. The students created sponsor reads, game day rundowns, and production schedules.

“ScriptU has benefited our classroom by taking students out of the normal lecture-homework-assignment-test regimen and putting them in a real game-day experience setting,” Smith said. “Creating this partnership with TSE allows Marietta College students to have an additional leg up on other candidates for internships and jobs.”

Over the course of two weeks, students were taught techniques and best practices by Professor Smith and tasked with:

  • Creating and entering sponsor ads into ScriptPRO
  • Writing PA Scripts for the sponsor ads
  • Scripting a full basketball game

ScriptU also involved a full training of TSE ScriptPRO in preparation for use in the course, and to allow students to put the experience on their resume.

“I think most hiring managers will tell you that when students are seeking an internship or job in sports, the hiring manager also wants to see what software programs the students know,” Smith said. “The students coming out of Marietta College’s Sports Management program will be ready to ‘hit the ground running’ on day 1 because of their experience scripting and producing events.”

TSE Services started a software-as-a-service journey in 2006 after realizing the need for a streamlined way to build, organize, and execute event production scripts. 11 years later, more than 10,000 events a year trust TSE’s patented software to streamline the run of show. TSE’s flagship program, ScriptPRO is the industry leading software for building and executing event scripts. TSE’s CRM tool, SponsorPRO, tracks and manages the entire sponsorship sales process including available inventory, client relations, and proposal generation. PromoPRO (Beta) simplifies the process of planning and scheduling the many events that happen at event facilities. Together, TSE enhances communication and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. For more information visit www.TSEGameTime.com