UIR visitors gain valuable knowledge about Marietta's organization

A recent visit to Marietta College by seven administrators from the University of International Relations (UIR) in Beijing, China, has been hailed as a big success by all involved.

"The visitors were very impressed with our administrative team and they informed me that they have learned a lot from their discussions with us," said Dr. Xiaoxiong Yi, director of Marietta's China Institute. "Above all they had a great visit, loved Marietta and the people they met."

The group, who visited from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2, included Hui Wenyu, Vice President, Feng Youmin, Dean of Academic Affairs, Zhao Xiaochun, Chair of International Politics, Ji Xiaogong, Director of Personnel, the Deputy Director of Student Affairs, Song Yuhui, Director of the International Student Office, and Wang Xueshu, Deputy Director of Continuing Education.

"UIR is the only national key university in China focusing on political science, international political economy and international relations," Xiaoxiong said. "This visit was such a huge success that now UIR plans to send another group to Marietta next year, but this time they will send all of the chairs of its academic departments."

The UIR visit was the first official programs under the SAFEA banner. During the summer, Marietta College was named one of five new U.S. schools to receive government approval from China's State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA).

This designation, which was also recently given to Yale University, University of Chicago, Wentworth Institute of Technology and the State University of New York, allows for experts from business, education and government to travel to Marietta College for training and orientation to American culture. "Marietta is the only small private liberal arts college on the approved list of just over 30 U.S. universities. The Chinese officials who visited the campus as part of the approval process really liked the atmosphere of the city and the College. Usually, approved universities are in large cities, but in this case the 'smallness' and intimacy really worked to our advantage," said Fraser MacHaffie, special assistant to the president and provost.

Dr. Jean Scott, Marietta's president, is scheduled to travel to China in late November to receive formally the authorization documents at a special ceremony in the city of Shenzhen. While there, Scott will be meeting with a group of alumni in Beijing and also traveling to Inner Mongolia to visit two institutions there.