Volunteers needed for the 2012 Ohio Chautauqua visit in Marietta

Residents of Marietta are known for embracing the region’s history.


Everyone will get a chance to relive some of that history as part of Ohio Chautauqua 2012: When Ohio Was the Western Frontier.


Now the organizers of the five-day event in June are hoping to find enough volunteers to make it run smoothly. The Ohio Chautauqua, which is sponsored and presented by the Ohio Humanities Council, will be in Marietta from June 19-23 under a big tent at Marietta College’s DU Field on the corner of Fourth and Putnam streets.


The City of Marietta, along with Marietta College, is proud to have been chosen as one of five sites in Ohio.


If you are interested in volunteering please or just want to learn more, please contact Lois Arnold at (740) 376-4735 or lois.arnold@marietta.edu.


The Ohio Chautauqua will be the signature event and kick off the City of Marietta’s 225th Celebration, which will mark the anniversary of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and the founding at Campus Martius fort. The fort was the home of the organized government that became the capital of the Northwest Territory making Marietta the first organized permanent settlement.


Ohio Chautauqua is a travelling tent show with a unique mixture of education and entertainment and this year will focus on the time “When Ohio Was The Western Frontier,” presenting history in the compelling form of first person historical characterizations. In these programs, attendees can explore the lives and legacies of those who encountered Ohio in its infancy and helped shape the state into what it is today.


Marietta will host five humanities scholars-in-residence for the event. The trained scholars will assume the costume and character of a historical figure, presenting an exciting and engaging living history performance each evening under the tent. There will also be two daytime workshops, one for youth and one for adults, each day in venues throughout the community.


For the evening under-the-tent shows, appropriately costumed scholars will portray these historic characters:


-- Johnny Appleseed, Naturalist and Folk Hero

-- Margaret Blennerhassett, Frontier Aristocrat

-- Chief John Logan, Iroquois Leader

-- York, Lewis and Clark Expedition Member

-- Oliver Hazard Perry, Hero of Battle of Lake Erie